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Maintain the Sender R/3 System

  • Create a RFC Destination to XI using the Tcode SM59
  • Create a TRFC Port and specify RFC Destination created above using the TCode WE21
  • Create the partner profile for Inbound and Outbound Parameters using WE20 

Maintain the Receiver XI System

  • Create the RFC Destination for sender system using SM59
  • Create the port to get IDOC Metadata from Sender System using the Tcode IDX1. Here the Port name we are given and port name in the IDOC header will be identical.
  • Maintain the IDOC Metadata using the Tcode IDX2.  

Integration Builder (Design)

  • Import the IDOC in the Imported Objects
  • Create the Datatype for the XML file Receiver say for example the datatype will be Vendor_Master_DT
  • Create the Message Type for the Vendor_Master_DT say for example the Message Type will be Vendor_Master_MT
  • Create Message Interface for the Vendor_master_MT. Here we are creating 3 intefaces.
    1. Vendor_Master_MI -> Inbound, Asynchronous, Vendor_Master_MT
    2. Vendor_Master_MIAA -> Abstract, Asynchronous, Vendor_Master_MT
    3. Vendor_Master_IDOC_MIAA -> Abstract, Asynchronous, IDOC
  • Create the Message Mapping to conver Outbound type of IDOC into Abstract type so that they can collect it in our BPM as follows. Say for example the Message Mapping will be Vendor_Master_MM
  • Create the Interface Mapping say for example Vendor_Master_IM
  • Create the Integration Process to Collect IDOCs to one place and after the specified time interval it will be posted to XML file in some specific format.
    1. Add the Container Variables say
      •  COLLECT : AI, Vendor_Master_IDOC_MIAA
      • INPUT : AI, Vendor_Master_IDOC_MIAA
      • OUTPUT : AI, Vendor_Master_MIAA
    2. RECEIVE STEP is used to receive the IDOCs
    3. APPEND STEP  is used to append the IDOCs
    4. RECEIVE BLOCK  is used to receive all the IDOCs
    5. The loop for receiving the messages is defined as an infinite loop
    6. A receive Step is defined in the loop to receive the Messages that ends the process  Save and activate the change list.

Integration Directory (Configuration)
-         Import the Business Systems

-         Creat the Receiver Communication Channel with File Adapter

-         Create the Integration Process.

-         Here Idoc is in the Sender side i.e., in R/3 Side so no need to create the Sender Agreement. Create the Receiver Agreement.

-         Create the Interface Determination for R/3 - > BPM and BPM - > File. Similarly for Receiver Determination also. 
Save and Activate the Change lists.

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