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Prerequisites :

Assume that ALE Configuration is in place for SAP System and XI System.

Steps to Configure :

  • Use transaction SALE to add BAPI to trigger an Internal Order message type.
  • Select "Modeling and Implementing Business Processes" and Excite "Maintain Distribution Model And Distribute Views".

  • Go to Edit Mode and select the Distribution Model View for adding BAPI to trigger Internal Order online (Whenever the Internal Order is saved).
  • Select "Add BAPI" and enter Object name "Internal Order" and Method is "Save Replica" and Save it.

*Go to "Environment" and select "Generate Partner Profile" and "execute" with required parameters.

  • Once it is successful then go to Edit->Model View->"Distribute.

  • If the Distribution of model view is successful then you can see the Internal Order message type (INTERNAL_ORDER) in Partner profile (Use transaction WE20 to view the Partner Profile).
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