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From SP 19 on XI 3.0 and SP 10 on PI 7.0, a File - RFC - File ( Async - Sync ) scenario can be done without a BPM.


Integration Repository

The Integration Repository will be similar to any Synchronous Scenario ( say HTTP - RFC ) . 1 Outbound Synch message Interface and 1 Inbound Synch Message Interface.

Integration Directory

This is where a few differences lie, so let me take some time.

1. The Receiver Determination , Interface Determination will be the same as in HTTP - RFC synch scenario. Create the Sender File Adapter, Receiver RFC Adapter and Receiver File Adapter.

2. Sender Agreement will be for the Sender File Adapter. Sender Agreement uses the Synch Outbound Message Interface.

3. Receiver Agreement will be for the Receiver RFC adapter. Receiver Agreement will use the RFC as the Inbound Message Interface.

4. We need to add a few modules in the Sender File Adapter.

Go to the Modules Tab of the Sender File Adapter, and add the following modules in the same sequence:


SequenceModule NameTypeModule Key (example)
1AF_Modules/RequestResponseBeanLocal Enterprise Bean1
2CallSapAdapter-LocalEnterprise Bean2
3AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBeanLocal Enterprise Bean3


Module KeyParameter NameParameter Value
3receiverChannel[Receiver File Adapter Name]
3receiverService[Receiver Business Component Name]
3adapterType[Your adapter type e.g. File]


With this configuration, you can now handle the requirement without a BPM (smile)

Dynamic Configuration is also possible and this as well as many other options are discussed in the How To guide - "How To Realize a sync-async and async-sync
bridge within the Adapter Framework" available on the Service Market Place.

For info on the Modules used here, look into these links,

Request Response Bean

Response Oneway Bean

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CSS Note

838894 J2EE JMSAdapter: Correlation, Sync/Async, Async/Sync Bridges