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This wiki explains the parameter settings which affect the time zone display in various parts of the Process Integration (PI) system e.g. in transaction SXMB_MONI and in the Runtime Workbench


This document will set out:

  • where user specific time zone parameters are set on the ABAP stack
  • where the user specific time zone parameters are set on the Java stack
  • what parameters are used if no time zone settings are configured


Time zone settings affect the PI monitoring tools in transaction SXMB_MONI and the Runtime Workbench. These locations are used for monitoring PI messages which have been processed over a specified time period. As a result, it is important that the time zone settings for each user are set according to the user requirements.

Component Monitoring - Western Europe Time (WET):

Message Monitoring:


User time zone settings on ABAP stack:

Each individual user has the option to configure their time zone in transaction SU01. Go to the Defaults tab as displayed below. In this case the time zone is set to INDIA (GMT +5.5 hours).

You can select your required time zone from the drop down list.

User time zone settings on the Java stack:

On dual stack (ABAP + Java) PI systems the time zone settings are automatically mapped from the ABAP stack to the Java UME. But it is possible that a user could have a different time zone setting on both stacks if they are manually changed.

To check the user time zone setting on the java stack go to http://<server>:<port>/useradmin and enter the relevant user. Go to the Contact Information tab to check the time zone settings.

If no user time zone information is set on the ABAP or Java stacks:

If there is no time zone information maintained for the user, then the default time zone from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is used. This value can vary depending on the JVM. You can configure this value in the Config Tool to meet your requirements. The parameter name is -Duser.timezone.

To set this parameter in the Config Tool and select ‘Yes’

-> cluster-data
-> template
-> instance IDxxx
-> VM Parameters
-> Additional
-> Enter the required time zone (you may need to create the property if not already existing)
-> Save
-> Restart the java engine for the change to take effect  

Other Considerations:

Operating System time zone settings may also be used if there are no specific parameters set for users in the ABAP and Java stacks.

See Also:

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