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The purpose of this page is to provide information on the XPI_Inspector and to guide how to trace PI issues using the tool.


The XPI Inspector tool was developed by SAP for collecting information about the configuration and traces and to improve the troubleshooting of PI issues.
The SAP note 1514898 - XPI Inspector for troubleshooting XI contains information about the tool and the link to download it.

This wiki contains the steps to install the XPI_Inspector tool,  the types of trace the tool can take, the available examples,  the guides for tracing specific issues in PI and the relevant documentation.

Installing the XPI Inspector tool

  1. Download the xpi_inspector_x.ear file from the link provided in the SAP note 1514898.
  2. Reference to SAP note 2010715 for deploying the XPI_Inspector tool.

You can opt by deploying the tool using telnet.

    1. Open telnet. For this, use putty system or call the command telnet <host> <http port + 8>

    2. Login as administrator user
    3. Insert the following commands:
      add deploy
      deploy <xpi_inspector_ear.ear file path> version_rule=all
    4. When the tool is correct deployed the following log will appear:

Using the XPI Inspector tool

The tool can be called at http://host:port/xpi_inspector.

Authorization needed

A PI user with Administrator access is required in order to run the tool. If the user used does not have the required authorization, a 403 error will be raised when trying to access it.

How to trace

In order to use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Select relevant Example (see the Available examples item)
  2. Activate the relevant options:
    • Collect debug traces from Messaging System
    • Collect debug trace from XI Module Processor
    • Collect HTTP Traces
  3. Press Start
  4. Reproduce the issue
  5. Wait until the issue occurs
  6. Press Stop
  7. Result Page will appear

How to use XPI_Inspector to trace specific issues

For Performance issues:

SAP KBA 2351378 - Analysing Java performance issues in SAP PI

For Database growth issues:

SAP KBA 1826164 - BC_MSG_AUDIT table growth even with low PI message volume

For Component Based Message Alerting issues:

SAP KBA 2381478 - XPI traces for Component Based Message Alerting

For B2B and SFTP adapters and modules issues:

SAP KBA 2172012 - XPI Inspector log locations for B2B adapters and modules

For SFSF Adapter:

SAP KBA 2328244 - How to trace PI SFSF Adapter

For SSL/TLS communication issues in HTTP_AAE adapter

SAP KBA 2342966 - Tracing the SSL/TLS communication in HTTP_AAE Adapter

For EOIO messages in stuck status:

SAP KBA 2135741 - Finding the Message Blocking an EOIO Sequence in the PI Adapter Engine

For certificate issues:

SAP KBA 2056672 - How to import server certificates in PI system

To troubleshoot HHT SSL Connections:

Community blog Part 1 – Server Authentication
Community blog Part 2 – Client Authentication

Available examples

1 - CPA Cache XI - For CPA Cache issues

11 - Authentication - For SSL & PP Login, WSS, SSL, XI Principal Propagation issues

18 - RWB - For TREX, Alerting, XML DAS, Runtime Workbench issues

19 - Mapping Runtime - For XI Mapping Runtime debug tracing

30 - XI Adapter - For XI Adapter Type debug tracing

40 - XI Message - For XI Message Processing debug tracing

50 - XI Channel - For XI Channel(s) and their message processing

51 - Performance Problem - For getting Thread Dumps, JVM Profiling, Memory Usage

52 - Authorization & Session Management - For denied access to the system due to insufficient authorization rights issues

60 - JEE Service - For JEE Service(s) debug tracing

70 - JEE Application - For JEE Application(s) debug tracing

80 - Default Trace - View traces written in the default trace file from the past

100 - Custom - Custom defined set of log locations and log categories for debugging

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Related SAP Notes/KBAs

SAP Note 1514898 - XPI Inspector for troubleshooting XI
SAP KBA 2321859 - XPI Inspector HTTP 500 error in Example 50
SAP KBA 2010715 - How to deploy/undeploy the XPI INSPECTOR
SAP KBA 1934940 - "PI: How to Deploy the XPI Inspector Tool using TELNET".