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The purpose of this page is to enable you to resolve errors which occur when logging in to the Process Integration (PI) Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) or Integration Builder tools.


I will document the solutions to some of the known errors which occur when logging on to the PI Integration Builder tools and some checks you should make to ensure there are no system issues preventing logon.


To be able to launch the Integration Builder tools on a client pc, Java Web Start must first be installed. The Java Web Start software allows you to download and run Java applications from the web. Java Web Start provides the runtime environment required for the Integration Builder to run. Java Web Start is automatically started when you click on the Integration Builder links.

Basic checks:

  1. Ensure the XIREPUSER/PIREPUSER/PIREP<SID> and XIDIRUSER/PIDIRUSER/PIDIR<SID> users are not locked and that they have the required authorizations. You can do this in transaction SU01 or in the Java UME.
  2. Check for any Repository/Directory related locks. Go to http://<server>:<port>/dir/start/index.jsp
    -> Administration
    -> Repository/Directory (tab)
    -> Lock Overview
  3. Ensure that the Repository and Directory services are started in the Visual Administrator or the NetWeaver Administrator (see table below for details on where to check this). The services are:

XI 3.0/PI 7.0x

PI 7.1x

PI 7.3x

Go to Visual Administrator
-> cluster
-> server
-> services
-> deploy
-> (Application view)

Go to http://<server>:<port>/nwa
-> Operation Management
-> Systems
-> Start and Stop
-> Java EE Applications

Go to http://<server>:<port>/nwa
-> Operations
-> Systems
-> Start and Stop
-> Java Applications

Supported Java Web Start Versions: 

SAP have recently released Note 2073368 Compatibility matrix: recommended Java version for Integration Builder tools of SAP Process Integration. The Java 1.7_u65 is now tested and supported with the PI releases and SP's below:

Java 7 update 65 both 32 bit and 64 bit is compatible with:

  • SAP PI 7.01 >= SP15
  • SAP PI 7.02 >= SP15
  • SAP PI 7.10 >= SP18
  • SAP PI 7.11 >= SP13
  • SAP PI 7.3 >= SP12
  • SAP PI 7.31 >= SP13
  • SAP PI 7.4 >= SP08

If you are on an older PI release or SP, then the information below still holds true.  

The supported Java version depends on the version of PI you are using. It is important that you are using the correct Java version to launch the Integration Builder on your client pc, otherwise you may encounter problems logging on and/or problems when working with the Integration Builder objects.

XI 3.0/PI 7.0x

PI 7.1x

PI 7.3x

XI Server:
Runs on Java version 1.4 (or SAP JVM 4.1)
Integration Builder clients:
Java Web Start version 1.4

XI Server:
Runs on SAP JVM 5.1
Integration Builder clients:
The 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions are supported.
The 1.7 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. 
It is recommended to match these versions with
your OS version i.e. if your OS is 32-bit use the Java
32-bit version.

XI Server:
Runs on SAP JVM 6.1
Integration Builder clients:
The 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions are supported.
The 1.7 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. 
It is recommended to match these versions with
your OS version i.e. if your OS is 32-bit use the Java
32-bit version.

Working with different PI versions on same client pc:

If you have a requirement, for example, to work with a PI 7.0 release and a PI 7.1 release you will need to have the Java Web Start 1.4 version and the 1.5 (or higher) version installed on your client pc. You will need to disable the unsupported java version to launch the required Integration Builder. If you have two Java versions installed, you will have two Java Control Panels. It is important to remember that you may need to enable/disable on both Java Control Panels. See Note 1614742  Using Java Web Start with different PI releases.

From the 1.4 Control Panel:

  1. Open the Java Web Start tool
  2. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Java Web Start
  3. Go to File -> Preferences -> Java
  4. Disable the unsupported java versions as required

From the 1.5 and higher Control Panel:

  1. Call the Java Control Panel from the Command Prompt (On Windows: Start -> Run -> cmd)
  2. Go to Java -> View and disable the version as required

See the official Oracle site for more details on this:
Java Control Panel
-> Java Runtime Environment Settings
-> Example:


When you encounter logon issues, it is advisable to clear out the Java Web Start cache (client side) and the server side cache.

Client Side Cache: 

  1. To clear the java web start cache in the 1.4 version, open the Java Web Start application and go to: 
    -> File
    -> Preferences
    -> Advanced
    -> Clear Folder
  2. To clear the java cache in the versions higher than 1.4, open the DOS Command Prompt (On Windows go to Start -> Run -> cmd) and enter the command:

Javaws -viewer

This will open the Java Control Panel where you can then delete the cache entries.

See Also:

  • How do I clear the Java cache?

  • The SAP KBA 2356069 Integration Builder: "Unable to launch the application", documents another method for clearing the client side cache

  • The SAP KBA 2390426 Unable to open PI ESR or Integration Builder, documents a method for clearing server side files used during the launch of the tool

Server Side Cache:

To clear the server side cache go to the PI start page:
-> Administration
-> Repository/Directory (tab)
-> Java Web Start Administration
-> Restore Archives


SAP signs the client software (jars) required for the XI Integration Builder logon. This client software includes parts of the J2EE client software. Ideally jar signature issues should not occur if the XI *.SCA's, deployed into the system, are downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace.

Whenever a signature issue occurs, it is advisable to download the XI *.SCA’s from the Service Marketplace and deploy these into the system to avoid the error.

However, in certain situations, signing errors do occur and the option provided in the 'Java Web Start Administration' page (documented below) is a workaround for those issues. Even though SAP advises to use workaround only in the Test systems, in some very critical situations, the workaround can be used in Production systems as well.

After deleting the SAP signatures from the jars (using the processes below), the certificates will have a dummy signature, which will enable the Integration Builder to launch successfully. To restore the original SAP signatures, you must deploy the XI SCA’s (freshly downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace) again.

To restore the Java Web Start archives at the client and to assign a new dummy key to all archives:

XI 3.0/PI 7.0x

PI 7.x

http://:/dir/start/index.jsp (http://%3cserver%3e:%3cport%3e/dir/start/index.jsp)
-> Administration
-> Repository/Directory (tab)
-> Java Web Start Administration
-> Re-initialization and force signing

http://:/dir/start/index.jsp (http://%3cserver%3e:%3cport%3e/dir/start/index.jsp)
-> Administration
-> Repository/Directory (tab)
-> Java Web Start Administration
-> Restore Archives and Generate New Signature

Notes relating to certificate changes (most recent first):
NEW (22.07.2021):
SAP Note 3082175 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2021 - this is the latest change to certificates.
SAP Note 2881268 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2020
SAP Note 2507008 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2017
SAP Note 2104787 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2014 II
SAP Note 1981572 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2014 - changed in March 2014
SAP Note 1598282 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2011
SAP Note 1640559 XI/PI:Jar files in JNLP aren't signed by same certificate

How to trace connection issues:

See the notes below for details on how you can activate client side tracing:

  1. 1891480 How to enable logging in Java WebStart console
  2. 912414 Activate client logging of Integration Builder tools
  3. Depending on the issue the following traces may also be useful:
    1. dev_icm
    2. dev_ms
    3. defaultTrace

Browser Issues:

Having a pop-up blocker switched on has been known to prevent the launch of the Integration Builder tools. Pop-ups must be enabled in the browser to allow the download of the jnlp file.

Some Known Issues:

  1. The Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) is installed on the PI host machine. This is unsupported and is known to cause issues with Integration Builder logons. To check if the PCK is installed go to the Component Info (see SAP note 1381878 How/where to check the patch levels of your XI/PI system). If necessary, you will need to uninstall the PCK software:
    1. For XI 3.0/PI 7.0x: see the XI Troubleshooting Guide (SAP note 806546  XI Troubleshooting Guide).
    2. For PI 7.1x/PI 7.3x: see the SAP note 1295094  Initialization of PI 7.1x to 7.30x XITOOLS fails
  2. If the client is located in a different network domain from the server (i.e. the XI host) or the server uses multiple IP addresses logon problems can occur. See solutions in the notes:
    1. 609603 Problems with Multiple NICs and SAP J2EE Engine
    2. 1158626 P4 connection to ICM on machine with multiple IPs fails
  3. From time to time SAP will change the certificates. This will requrie an update of the relevant *.SCA's. See the notes below: 
    1. 2104787 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2014 II

    2. 1981572 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2014
    3. 1683776 Missing signatures in client jars in NW and CE 7.10 SP13
    4. 1598282 XI/PI:Jar Files are signed by different certificates in 2011
    5. 1595580 Missing signatures in client jars in NW 7.01 SP09
    6. 928887 NW04s:Jar Files signed by different certified keys
  4. If you get the following error when launching the IB tools: "Unable to launch application - Could not verify signing in resource: http://host:port/dir/directory/aii_ibdir_sbeans.jar" see the SAP note 1764895 Java Web Start cannot verify signed jar. This is applicable for 7.0x and lower releases.
  5. If you get a LAZY_CLASSLOADING_FAILED error when logging on see note 1883576  LAZY_CLASSLOADING_FAILED error opening PI Integration Builder tools.
  6. A new security related warning message when launching the Integration Builder tools when using Java 1.7.0_45. With Java release 1.7.0_51, this warning becomes an error and prevents access to the Integration Builder. To resolve this, apply the fixes in SAP Note 1959264 Java Applet Security Warnings for PI Dev Tools
  7. Error: "Unable to launch the application" - Exception: InvalidArgumentException[ Invalid arguments supplied: { }
    The InvalidArgumentException is a known bug from Oracle java - see The fix will be available publicly in JRE 7u60. The other releases which also contain the fix (7u51 b32 and 7u55 b31) are available, for customers with an Oracle support contract. Please refer to this note 1920326 Oracle JDK support agreement terminated, for more details. The workaround in note 1911069 Workaround for issues launching the PI tools with Java 7, may work for you (it does not work in all cases).

  8. "Single Sign-On failed" error or "Authorization error; unknown user name or incorrect password" error when logging in. The solution is documented in SAP Note 2049621 Unable to login to PI ESR and Directory
  9. New bug (Q2 2016) with latest Java versions - see SAP KBA 2316581 Unable to start PI ESR with Java 1.8.0_91 and 1.8.0_92

HTTPS related issues:

  1. SAP Note 1752259 ESR / Directory doesn't work via P4S protocol
  2. SAP KBA 2225603 Security warning when launching PI Integration Builder tools
  3. SAP KBA 2253896 InvalidKeyException: No installed provider supports this key when logging in to PI Integration Builder
  4. SAP KBA 2511283 The SSO of Integration Directory and Enterprise Services Repository do not work

SAP Road-map for Java Web Start client tools:

Oracle have recently announced plans to remove the Java Web Start option and their standalone JRE starting with the Java 11 release. See their information from Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap

  • SAP recommends to use JRE 8 on the client systems if you wish to continue using swing based PI tools (ESR and IB) for all SAP NetWeaver releases >=7.1
  • For single stack usage, i.e., SAP Process Orchestration and Advanced Adapter Engine Extended, the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) based tools can be used as an alternative to the Java Web Start based PI tools.

See SAP Note 2677849 Update on usage of Java Web Start for swing based SAP Process Integration tools, for more details on this

See Also: 

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