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Here in this wiki I would like to explain what is context and context change.

Context : Context of an element is nothing but just the level, where the XML tag appears in the given XML document. Level of any element is set to the immediate parent node by default.

Context Change : Context change is just changing the level of XML tag(element level in XSD) in the XML document, this means when we map one source field to one target field then that both field segments should be at same level.

Fix and Foxy are in the first flat context, Jolly Jumper and Lucky Luke are in the second, and all four are in the first street context. The first <street> field is in the first city context and so on.

  • Message Mapping works internally by using Queues
  • If no further elements are  imported at a particular hierarchy level,A context change is inserted in the Queue
  • Use node Function to handle changes in the message Hierarchy.
  • Link to learn more on node Functions\\

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