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In receiver determination various Xpath expressions used to find out the receiver.

How to use Various types of Xpath in Condition Editor?

let's see with simple examples.

Source Structure:

Let's consider the above source structure.

I want to send the file according to the Name field.


If I want to send the file according to the first 2 character of  Name .

First we need to go to condition editor in the receiver determination.

Select the xpath. Edit it manually according to our requirement.

Use the Ex operator.

XI default Functionality :

One more option in the condition editor without using the substring functionality .

In the express editor select the Xpath condition.

In the condition editor select the Contains Pattern (CP) .give the first 2 character what you needed. After that use * operator. CP will check the first 2 character  exactly equals to the value which we maintained.

If you are using the * operator it will omit the string.

If you are using the + operator it will omit the one character after that it will check  "PR" value is present in the Xpath .

Node Not Exits :

If I want to send some files if node is not exits .How to use Xpath?

Below one will help to send the file to receiver.

Name is Not exits in the source file then the file will send to the receiver.


This function will check after / symbol "PR" value is present. The same like we can able to use other functions also.


  1. HI

    I think there are some blogs available talking more or less the same. Check

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Prasad,

       Thanks for your feedback. My aim is there no wiki page available to talking about the default condition editor functionality. I want to share that xi have * and + operators  instead of using substring and some other function. For add on i had added some of the additional functionality.

  3. Unknown User (t6l9j80)


    I am trying to "exclude" records based on values.  Is this possible?  I tried /LIST/S_ISA[substring(D_I06,1,9)<>'054170980'] and this is not working.  Any ideas?