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1) problem with the message monitor

Note #1651039 - NullPointer Exception in NWA Message Monitoring


2) problem with the  performance monitor.

Note #1533154 - PI Performance Monitor does not work

Note #1636215 - Performance monitoring for the Advanced Adapter Engine

Note #1844891 - Fixes for Java Performance Data collection

Note #1855834 - Fixes for Java Performance Data collection 2

Note #1870717 - Performance Monitor: improvements and fixes for Java PerfMon


3) problem with the  communication channel monitor.

Note #1897804 - Disabled buttons in NWA Channel Monitor


4) Alert rule:

Note #2157119 - Alert Rules not consistent in Message Alert Configuration (NWA)

Note #2174450 - Cache Monitor: Issue in tab Alert Rules

Note #2026296 - Fix errors in Message Alert Configuration tool in PIMON

Note #1907711 - AlertConsumerJob fails because the consumer queue is missing

Note #1803857 - AlertConsumer regular developer traces for alerting

Note #1883865 - Use alert rule severity in the alert e-mail

Note #1350836 - Alert Categories missing for new alert rules in NWA

Note #1925484 - Add "Other" to the Alert Rule statuses

Component-based alerting is only supported for PI systems with release 7.3 or higher. More details of the configuration could be found from the following help document(Configuring Component-Based Message Alerting):

and SCN for "Michal's PI tips: Component-Based Message Alerting":


5) IDoc Monitor:

Note #1950687 - IDoc Message Monitor timeout.

Note #1992529 - IDoc message monitor times out while reading control record data.