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The following Excel specific settings are suggested to use with BEx Analyzer 7x.

1 - SAP SE certificate

Make sure that the installed SAP SE certificate is valid. If you just installed the latest version, it will be valid. For further details review: Certificates in BEx Analyzer and Workbooks.

2 - Add-ins Settings:

The following settings are located in Excel/File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings


3 - ActiveX Settings:

4 - Macro Settings:

  • These Macro Settings should be set according note 1962327.
  • The flag 'Trust access to the VBA project object model' needs to be set for workbook designing and workbook migration (3x to 7x).
  • In case the BEx buttons are not working review KBA 1939689 - BEx Button not working: Macro ... can't be executed. 

4b - Macro Settings for workbooks with custom VBA:

  • For using workbooks with VBA but missing Digital Signature the 4rd radio button "Enable all macros" in the Excel Macro Settings (see picture above) needs to selected.


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