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Thanks for your participation!


This is a great opportunity to experience a CodeRetreat in ABAP and to expand your ABAP-skills. Spend the day with ABAP-colleagues, connect with your peers, learn from each other, share experiences and be inspired by this great community.  

Just bring your own laptop and a willingness to learnWe'll provide you with an ABAP stack and access to the system for the event-day.

In addition, we're happy to tell you that Experis Ciber is offering lunch, snacks and soft drinks for free! (wink)

We'll be using ABAP on Eclipse during this event, therefore we'd like to ask everyone to install Eclipse + the ABAP Development Tools (ADT) on their laptop in advance, so we won't lose time doing this on Saturday. If y ou are unsure how to do this, you can visit the SAP Help Portal for instructions on how to do this.

See you early next year!

What is a CodeRetreat?

A CodeRetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. This free Community-Driven event format gives you the opportunity to practice Test Driven Development, Clean Code and Refactoring for a whole day. This isn’t a conference! The rules are totally different, attendees take actively part in the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little.

You can find more information about the coderetreat format movement on the CodeRetreat website and more about the ABAP CodeRetreat format on the ABAP CodeRetreat SCN wiki site. 

Facilitators for this event are Damir Majer and Christian Drumm(wink) 


Saturday January, 20th 2018 from 09:00 to 17:00.


The ABAP CodeRetreat will take place at:

Experis Ciber
Archimedesbaan 18
3439 ME Nieuwegein
Google Maps



ABAP in EclipseBasic intro to ABAP in EclipseChristian Drumm
Test Driven Development (TDD)What is TDD? How does it work?Christian Drumm
No Comment?The art of commenting your codeLaurens van Rijn



We have planned the following schedule for this event.






Welcome and onboarding



Session 1 - No comment?



Time to network



Session 2 - TDD / Eclipse


10:50Time to network10


Introduction: Conway's Game of Life



CodeRetreat Session 1






CodeRetreat Session 2



CodeRetreat Session 3



Coffee break



CodeRetreat Session 4





A science experiment...

Who are we?

We are a group of educational scientists and psychologists from the Open University of the Netherlands and the University of Utrecht. During the upcoming code retreat we would like to present you our current research line and you will get the possibility to participate in a short eye tracking session.

Our goal.

As you might know the road to becoming a programming expert is often long and difficult. Good programming education can help programming novices to master crucial steps faster. We want to develop new instructional tools that help to guide the learners’ attention and thus foster the learning of programming.

How you can help us during the upcoming CodeRetreat?

If you want to help our research, you can fill out a short questionnaire about your programming experience to indicate your interest. Most of our studies are eye tracking studies, which means that we record the eye movements of our participants. During the code retreat you will get the opportunity to test our future study material with an eye tracker. A short, voluntary participation in an eye tracking session could help us to develop new instructional tools that facilitate the learning of programing skills. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to gain insights into modern eye tracking technology and psychological research.

We hope that you are interested in contributing to our research!

Selina Emhardt and Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm



1Laurens van Rijn


2Parishikta Shrivastav 
3Marc Kurver


4Can Ipek 
5Christian Drumm
6Rayan Koendjbiharie 
7Kien Weng Chan 
8Marcel Hesen 
9Mark Smit 
10Guido Buitendijk  
11Arnold Mostert 
12Nathan Brookman    
13Selina Emhardt 
14Niels Doesburg   
15Mehmet Hangisi 
16Julian Paulina 
17Kas Timsi 
18Sonia Busini  
19Egbert de Rouville  
20Resul Cetin  
 21Jack Otten  
 22Sam Leijenhorst 
 23Mario Harms   

Event-Day Slack communication channel

For the Event-Day we also offer a Slack communication channel. Please register under


Like any other ABAP CodeRetreat the event is free. Soft drinks, snacks & lunch are provided by Experis Ciber.


We're happy to attract an international audience, that is why we chose English as the event language.


You can register for this event using EventBrite. Just sign up for a free account and hit the green button on the right!

Host Sponsor

This event is sponsored by Experis Ciber.


System Sponsor

This format is supported by SAP! SAP Developer Relations will provide access to Cloud-based SAP systems.

Knowledge Sponsors

SAP PRESS , the official SAP publisher, is giving away three one-month online subscriptions to all of their programming books along with three additional books attendees can win in a raffle just before lunch.


We are pleased to announce that SAP PRESSEsspresso TutorialsinsiderBooksdpunkt.verlag all support Software Craftmanship and will provide vouchers for the attendees!

Media Sponsor


Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #ABAPCodeRetreat

Organizing Team

The event is organized by Damir MajerChristian Drumm and Laurens van Rijn.

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