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Community Day on 23rd of July 2016 in Weinsberg (Germany)

Please sign up!


This is a great opportunity to experience a coderetreat in ABAP and to expand your ABAP-Skills.
Spend the day with ABAP-colleagues, connect with your peers,
learn from each other, share experiences and be inspired by great talks.

We also hope to attract an international audience, that is why we chose English as the conference language.
Still, you can specify your preferred language during the registration process.

Just bring your own laptop.
We provide you a NetWeaver Stack and access to a SAP-System for the event-day.
In addition, we offer lunch, snacks and soft drinks for free!

See you soon!


Saturday 23rd July 2016 from 09:00 to 17:00

Marketplace Sessions (maximum 20 minutes)

The marketplace has its own slot (till 10:40). The 20 minute sessions will be repeated by the hosts so that the attendees can rotate around and catch up on every topic.



Unit-TestingWhat is Unit-Testing? How it works in ABAP?Dennis Schaaf, Markus Braunbeck
Test-Driven-DevelopmentWhat is TDD? How it works?Christian Drumm maybe supported by Damir Majer

ABAP in EclipseBasic Intro ABAP in EclipseJürgen Steinhauser, Rüdiger Alex



WhenContentDuration (min)
09:00Welcome and Onboarding20
09:40Time to change rooms10
10:10Time to change rooms10
10:40Time to change rooms30
11:10Introduction: conway's game of life20
11:30Coderetreat Session 160
13:30Session 260
14:30Session 360
15:30Coffee break30
16:00Session 460




Link to Info/Homepage/Bio


1Timo Haberkern @thaberkern
2Jan-Benedikt Kübler @jbkuebler
3Henry Bogner  
4Sebastian Engel  
5Florin Barbier Xing Profile@florinbarbier
6Andreas Gerst  
7Jürgen Steinhauser  
8Markus Braunbeck  
9Dennis Schaaf  
10Rüdiger Alex  
11Gregor Wolf
12Damir Majer
13Marcel Schmiechen
14Christian Drumm
15Christian Günter
16Martin Fischer
17Jens Knappik
18Mohammed Kadiri Yamani  
19Fred VerheulSCN profile@fredverheul
20David Schwarting @dsadm
21Andrea Taylor
22Hamid Moghaddam  
23Armin Schmitt  
24David Henn  
25Mahendra Gulla 
26Christopher Dlugosch  
27Jürgen Zavesky  
28Kai Gruber  
29Sebastian Bohmholt  
30Marcel Müller  
31Anton Weber  
32Stefan Kühnemann  
33Markus Miller  
34Dr. Andreas Böhn  
35Florian Braun  


This event is supported by:



Kaufland Informationssysteme: We are the IT service provider for Kaufland.
From application development and innovation management to business consulting for IT systems.
We ensure that business processes are running smoothly.



Media Sponsor

insiderBOOKS provides access to affordable, accurate & up-to-the-minute online books and content to help maximize ROI in SAP solutions. 

Example of conway's game of life

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #acrWSB #ABAPCodeRetreat

Registration Information
Please contact us via email ( to participate, and also to cancel an existing registration.
The number of registrations is limited to 40 participants.

Please attach the following information:
- First name and surname
- Preferred language

voluntary information:
- Link to Info/Homepage/Bio
- Twitter

The ABAP Coderetreat will take place at:

Schwarz IT Infrastructure & Operations Services
GmbH & Co. KG
Haller Straße 60
74189 Weinsberg

Schwarz IT Infrastructure & Operations Services
(SITIOS) is an IT service provider for all
infrastructural issues at Kaufland, Lidl and the SDL.







  1.  I can't make it, but still would like to verify the sign-up procedure:

    I shouldn't edit this page myself (to put me in the list of participants), but rather write an e-mail, right?

  2. You're absolutely right (wink)

    Of course it's not forbidden to edit the page, but its useful for our event-department to get the participants via e-mail.