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What is it?

A CodeRetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. This FREE Community-Driven event gives the opportunity to practice TDD, Clean Code and Refactoring for a whole day. This isn’t a conference! Rules are totally different, attendees take actively part in the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little.


„Retreats” are certainly in trend. Many people would be thinking of a spiritual retreat as in a monastery. But we programmers also know the term: A CodeRetreat is an established, proven learning format in which you focus without having time pressure entirely on the programming and good code design. To improve the way you work and deepen your existing knowledge – all that, without thinking of your current project and its impending deadlines. The Inventor of the CodeRetreats is Corey Haines. Additional Information could be found on his site .

Why only ABAP?

The ABAP CodeRetreat is a more focused CodeRetreat. We try to focus even more on the craftsmanship, even more on one language in order to dive even deeper and find out more about how to become better. Never done it before? Just try it!

The Set-up of a CodeRetreat

A Code-Retreat usually takes place in one day. This will be divided in five to six 45 minutest programming sessions or better said Code-Katas. Between each session there is a15 minutes break for a review, a coffee break and a briefing of the next meeting. In the morning you will familiarize yourselves with the problem to break with old habits. In the afternoon it will become more demanding: We will make your abstraction and test your ability for test-driven development. Instead of gaining new insights, you will spend the day to practicing these concepts.


The word “Kata” stands for the problem you’re going to solve over and over again, dealing with different constraints in each session. This short excercise were first introduced by Dave Thomas. Basically, this will be your coding challenge of the day. All locations share the same Kata, and the Kata we chose differs. The level of the Kata is like the Conway's “ Game of Life ”. You’ll get more and more familiar with the Kata as time goes by: by the end of the day you’ll clean-code as a PRO!


As a work method we generally use Pair-Programming as the knowledge transfer is an essential part of this exercise. In each session you will work with different partner, select a part of the problem to be solved and begin the test-driven development. After each session you will delete the developed code (completely!) and exchange information with the other participants over the learned lessons. If you work together with others and have fun on the set tasks, the learning effect will automatically occur!

What should I bring?

Just bring your laptop, if possible have your own access to a NetWeaver Stack (on premise or cloud). As organizers we try to provide access to a SAP-System for the event-day. 
Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided by sponsors (without them nothing could happen!!).

Follow ABAP CodeRetreat  on Twitter @ABAPCodeRetreat.

Who supports ABAP CodeRetreats?

The ABAP CodeRetreat Format is founded and supported by Damir Majer and Dr. Christian Drumm .

Beginning in 2019 the format will evolve. This means that Christian and Damir will facilitate eight events per year (4 in Germany and 4 outside Germany). Everyone from the community is highly welcomed to organize and moderate a CodeRetreat. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you´re like to organize on yourself an Event, and need support related to that!
As an ABAP Community, we use Slack Collaboration Tool. You´re welcome to join our   ABAP Community Slack channel.



Don´t hesitate to contact Damir


This Format is supported by SAP! SAP will provide access to the wiki.

Knowledge Sponsors

We are pleased to announce that SAP PRESSEsspresso Tutorials , dpunkt.verlag supports Software Craftsmanship in SAP and became our Knowledge Sponsors!

SAP PRESS , the official SAP publisher, is giving away three one-month  online subscriptions  to all of our programming books along with  three additional books  attendees can win in a raffle just before lunch.


Media Sponsors  

We are pleased to announce that it-onlinemagazin supports Software Craftmanship in SAP and became our Media Sponsors!

Media Information

The slides of the ABAPCodeRetreat events can be found on Slideshare: ABAPCodeRetreat.

Pics of the ABAP CodeRetreats can be found on Instagram: ABAPCodeRetreat.


A couple of assets have been created over the time. Feel free to use the printouts from our Downloads area.


  1. Hello Damir,

    After reading this Wiki, I am very much interested to attend ACR event. But I am located in Brisbane, Australia and there are nothing scheduled for this location. Is it possible to organize something here or can I help in any possible way to start an event like this here in Australia ?

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best Regards,



    1. Hi Samantak,

      no plans for a CodeRetreat in Australia yet. But there are plenty of opportunities for you to engage F2F in other ways.

      For example:-

      SIT Brisbane

      SAUG Brisbane Conference

      Mastering SAP Technologies

      SAUG National Summit



      Graham Robbo

    2. Hi Samantak,

      In addition to what Graham said I sent you some further information on twitter.


  2. From my perspective the test driven development tdd code retreat in Passau was not that interesting.I think that writing test classes for my own lcasses is a lot of effort. Too much effort. 

    1. Dear Thomas,

      I think that is then a perfect topic for the sitMUC Spaces to discuss. I would ask you how you want to achieve a high code quality and still being able to implement new requirements quickly in the same quality without affecting the existing code base quality. For me having a full API level test for sitREG - SAP Event Registration project gives me peace of mind.

      Best regards

    2. Hi Thomas,

      I'm a big fan of unit tests - as long as they help and are nicely integrated into a developer's workflow. With ADT IMHO that's the case - not so much in SE80.. And as always use them with care and don't overdue it. But once you have a good test coverage, refactoring code or even implementing changes in a running system (in DEV of course, but hey never change a running system..) becomes much less of a burden. With CI in place even more so. But yes, as long as the customer or employer does not force / encourages  you to write unit tests (like SAP is doing - bold assumption from my side - I know that Unit Test are used by SAP's ABAP developer though), it's totally up to you to use them or not. 

      The CodeRetreat format itself is in its purest form an event for TDD-programmer from TDD-programmer - the ABAP CodeRetreat variation adds the knowledge sessions to get ABAPers quickly on a level to get going Test 1st - which in my experience works pretty good  (I hosted one public ABAP CodeRetreat and facilitated three internal ones as coach).

      As most trainings go, the format cannot give you the feeling from falling into the save net of unit tests in a production environment that keeps you from shipping code changes that break functionality at a totally different place - that you didn't test, of course since it's 'not' related...  Happend to me and for sure, to others as well. And the opposite as well.. skipping unit tests ended up in breaking something in production. 

      Enough said about TDD.. (wink)  I'd like to add two more things about ABAP CodeRetreats: 

      1. It's fun. A lot of fun!
      2. You learn a lot (maybe even that you don't like TDD at all)

      Those two reasons are good for me to keep going and on October 21st there will be a public ABAP CodeRetreat in Frankfurt organized by the local Stammtisch crew (disclaimer: I'm one of the organizers).


  3. Hi guys, 

    I have discovered just now the ABAP CodeRetreat (really late sight...). Maybe I want to propose something similar in Italy.
    Do you have some guidelines or recorded events where I can check and have an idea of the event? 

    Thank you so much, 
    and great job ! 

    Sebastiano (smile) 

  4. Hi Sebastiano,

    You asked for some material, and how to organize an ABAPCodeRetreat yourself. I’ve put some guidance into this Github Repository> we adapted this Format primarily from Corey Haines who is sharing more material on his site Hopefully this will help you to get some Input on how to run the Format. By construction, we don’t record the events..

    Cheers, Damir