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How to Participate!

To Create an Ada LoveLace Day Entry

  1. (click here to create an entry)
  2. Put a title on the page with your heroine's name and your name (for example: Sandy Kemsley by Marilyn Pratt )
  3. Add label adalovelace (by editing the label of your page)
  4. Save
  5. Add your name to the Pledge at

Community Women in Technology

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Share Your Technical Heroine

Bringing women in technology to the fore - that's the essence of Ada Lovelace Day
Whether you do or don't subscribe to the notion that "women need role models more than men" (study by Penny Lockwood) it is clear that there are a disproportionately small number of women in Technology today and the dismal news is this disproportion is growing rather than shrinking.
I've know about Grace Hopper for a number of years now (inventor of the first computer compiler in 1952) since hearing about the Grace Hopper Conference 1997; more recently, while working at SAP, I learned of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology.  Last year via one of my own tech heroines,Sandy Kemsley, I heard about the first Ada Lovelace Day and signed a pledge to write a blog about women in Technology.  I chose women in our own SCN community who are role models to me personally.  We'd like to invite the community here in SCN to join the pledge and create a blog, a paragraph, an acknowledgement, of women in technology that you admire.  It would be great if you wrote of someone you know, or someone in this community that deserves recognition (and perhaps could benefit from being made more visible).  Or you are welcome to freely select from history. 

We've created a small template so all you need to do is answer 3 simple questions here in the wiki or if you prefer, you are invited to blog (use category "Beyond SAP").  I'll make sure these stay on queue and we shall release them on March 24th, which is officially Ada Lovelace Day.

Ada Lovelace Day - March 24th

Celebrate Women in Technology and Science

Ada Lovelace is widely credited as being the world's first computer programmer. She also prophetically envisioned computers having a far more significant impact on people than just being number crunching machines.
Ada Lovelace Day celebrates all women making important contributions in the fields of technology and science.
There are many special things to celebrate about Ada Lovelace herself, but the wonderful thing about this day is that you have an opportunity to join thousands of others and highlight a female technologist that you admire. (It's easy too!)
Just go to this wiki and you can quickly add your technical heroine to the list: Sharing Your Ada Lovelace Day Heroine
Thank you for participating in Ada Lovelace Day and celebrating women in technology and science.

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