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Old Events  


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  • Community Day Bangalore November 27th
  • Community Day Las Vegas October 1st
  • Community Day Munich October 16th
  • Mastering SAP Technology 4-6 June 2007 in Melbourne
    • SAP SDN and BPX Community Network Day at Mastering SAP Technology 2007 Sunday afternoon 3rd of June
  • SAP Americas US Headquarters, Newtown Square, PA after TechTour- 5:00PM, Contact: 
  • Sapphire/ASUG Spring Conference Unoffical SDN Meet-up
    TBD, Atlanta, GA, US - 7:00PM EST, April 21, 2007 - Contact:
  • Tentatively last week of May, Bangalore India Contact: ;
  • Germany: Frankfurt  Unofficial SDN Meet-up, 8:00 PM, Tue. Oct 23, 2007, Apfelweingaststätte Lorsbacher Thal:
    If it is possible please respond in the forum thread for reservation if you want to join.


  • POSTPONED TILL NEXT YEAR - December 8, 2006, Walldorf, Germany - Info

SAP Salons in Palo Alto (usually with Webcast)

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