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Welcome to the BPX Day Las Vegas 2008

This [Community:Community Day] is worth the TechEd event fee alone. Meet friends and make new friends to hang out with during the remainder of the week. - Ed Herrmann Colgate-Palmolive [Community:more reasons to come]
Please register for BPX Day today (smile) happening on Monday the 8th of September in Las Vegas.

We just posted the SAP Community Day schedule at a glance, which includes all the session of the BPX Day as well as the sessions of the SDN Day. Check it out.

In Pursuit of Process Excellence: Learn about the latest methods in process governance and modeling as well as hands-on experience with process tools, business rules, and design collaboration. The sessions will include a look at SAP's own process-related environment, organizational change management, the evolving roles of process experts, and the supporting business process management technologies. Relax with your old and newfound friends as well as your buddies from the SDN program at our combined evening reception.

Scroll further down for the BPX session details

Registration Information

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If you only wish to sign up for Community Day, complete registration through the main registration site. Register as if you are Full Conference Attendee. When you reach the payments page, you should close your browser window and alert us via email that your registration is complete. Andrea will them update the record to Community Day Only on the backend. In case of questions please call: +1 916 770 0921 


BPX Session 





The BPM Transformation: SAP's Journey to Process Orientation-
Mark Scavillo, Head of Process Governance in SAP's Business Process Organization, explains why process management is also becoming a topic for the high-margin software industry, what the expected benefits of these changes will be for SAP and what steps are required to successfully transition


Mark Scavillo - SAP AG


Organizational Change Management in Business Network Transformation-
In this session, Kerry Brown from the Organizational Change Management practice will discuss OCM best practices and how to use benchmarking as an "enabler for change" serving as a valuable tool to measure organizational adoption.  Kerry will address OCM approaches, methodology and lessons learned.  Through providing customer case studies and best practices that our customer(s) have experienced through implementing change, she will highlight steps required to successfully transform a company. This is a tool neutral session and an informative and candid one


Kerry Brown - SAP


*Bringing New Thinking to Business Process Design to Improve IT alignment with Business Stakeholders-
This presentation focuses on how BPM/SOA is bringing new thinking to business process design to improve IT alignment with business stakeholders while allowing business analysts to more easily collaborate with developers using BPMN to model processes, define business rules and establish composite service requirements.  We will demo the resulting composite app which makes use of Visual Composer, ERP 6.0 (via RFC) and non-SAP services to allow task and process management.
Aspects covered in the presentation: -       BPMN model design, how business analysts collaborated with the development team
-       How we developed our service inventory - interactive and backend services
-       How we are handling task management - using VC
-       How we manage process context to maintain the current state of the process
-       How business rules were defined and business rules drive the process based on process state management

SAP Mentor

John Harrickey -CSA Group


BPX Skills Focus - The Keys to Becoming a Business Process Expert (BPX)-  The SAP skill set is changing. Whether you're a hands-on SAP professional or an SAP project manager, the skills you will need for success are evolving. In this interactive Webinar, Independent SAP Analyst and SAP Mentor Jon Reed will discuss how the trend towards a business process platform is impacting the skill sets of SAP professionals.
Topics covered will include:
- the convergence of business and IT and how this impacts individual SAP professionals.
- the potential impact of Enterprise SOA and modeling tools on traditional SAP roles.
- the path towards the Business Process Expert for the major SAP project roles, including developers, system administrators, and functional SAP specialists.
- the different components of the BPX skill set and what a well-rounded BPX professional of the future might look like.
- tips for remaining marketable as the SAP platform evolves.
- tips for assembling project teams that incorporate the skill sets needed for go live and post go-live success.
- the discussion of BPX skills and certifications currently taking place on the SAP BPX community, and how to get involved.

BPX/SAP Mentor

Jon Reed,
Independent SAP analyst who writes on SAP consulting trends


In Pursuit of Process Excellence Debra Boykin will provide insight into the strategy they are using to transform the Technical Operations and Product Supply group into a robust process-driven organization.
This presentation will highlight the critical success factors inherent to successfully implementing BPM initiatives within a large-scale organization.


Deb Boykin, Associate Director, Process Excellence, Wyeth Pharma


How SAP Data Archiving has Evolved into Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
This session will cover a topic that is relevant to both the SDN and BPX Communities - and that topic is Information Lifecycle Management (or ILM).  ILM is a strategy/concept for managing your companies data from creation to destruction.  At first, data archiving was used as a way to manage system growth and performance.  Now, with all of the new legal requirements, it is becoming more important for companies to have a way to manage
the retention and end-of-life of the data as well.
This session will also mention at a high level, the new SAP ILM Solution called IRM - Information Retention Management.  This new solution will be covered in more detail in educational sessions from SAP at TechEd.

SAP Mentor

Karin Tillotson


Using BPX skills to bridge the gap in security, identity management, and compliance
Security is an area in SAP system administration where it is both increasingly difficult and increasingly critical for the technical experts and the business people to understand one another. Meet with other security and compliance professionals to share your strategies for getting the technical people to understand the business requirements, and the business people to understand the technical limitations, given the dual pressures of tightening budgets and increasing regulatory requirements.

BPX / SAP Mentor

Gretchen Lindquist



Collaboration between Business and IT for a successful upgrade to SRM 5.0 (focusing on Business Workflow as the medium). In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the challenges facing them with an upgrade to SAP SRM 5.0. In addition to the business challenges, the technical ones were quite surprising. Familiar concepts to a workflow developer, such as the Event Log and defining your OWN methods to present to the end-user... all must go out the window when you enter the brave new world of SAP SRM Workflows. In the end, we delivered workflows modelled on the N-step BADI workflows, but using our own unique routing logic. A perfect lead-in to Introduction to Business Process Management, below!! 


Susan Keohan


Introduction to SAP Business Process Management: A new tool for designing, improving, and standardizing business processes
Attend this session to learn how SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management, delivered as part of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE), supports business process innovation and standardization.  Explore the business benefits of BPM, such as business process transparency, flexibility, and governance, and determine whether and how this new technology could support your efforts to make business process improvements like externalizing frequently changing business policies, eliminating departmental stovepipe solutions, and providing traceable processes that help to comply with regulations.  Gain insight into how SAP BPM fits into and is enabled by enterprise service-oriented architecture in order to accelerate innovation while leveraging stable core application processes.  Understand how SAP defines a "business process," and walk through use cases and specific scenarios of how processes, such as an investment approval process, are created with SAP BPM.  Come away with an understanding of what you can do with SAP BPM today, as well as a sneak peek into the future roadmap of this powerful technology.


Wolfgang Hilpert - SAP, Thomas Volmering - SAP, Michael Hill - SAP

Matthias Zeller


Code Name Genesis: A Collaborative Mash-up Enterprise Client for Business Users from Adobe

SAP Mentor

Matthias Zeller



Visual Composer for the BPX -
This session will explore the benefits and potential impact of UI modeling with Visual Composer, when placed in the hands of the BPX. Together with the BPX community we will discuss the role of Visual Composer in human task design as part of larger business processes, look into the potential use cases and scenarios of UI modeling and  how Visual Composer can help bridge the gap and improve collaboration between business and IT.


Amir Rubin - SAP, Dafna Yanay - SAP



SAP BPM Governance, BPM Methodology, BPM Technology and BPX Education 
In this section, we will focus on SAP´s 4 BPM deliverables:
1.     SAP BPM Governance which provides in details a four-step approach to successfully implement BPM. The approach covers The BPM Strategy, The BPM Set-up, The BPM transition, and The Continuous improvement.
2.     SAP´s new BPM Methodology which is a supplement to ASAP
3.     SAP BPM Technology which cover Business to Model, SAP Enterprise Modeling applications by IDS Scheer and Model to Execution, and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management
4.     SAP´s new BPM certification for Business Process Expert (Associate and Professional).



Ann Rosenberg, SAP
Marc Dietrich, SAP



Leading practices for joint business process modeling at BPX
This session provides you the opportunity to exchange in an interactive way on methods and concrete examples how we can model processes jointly together on our BPX website. I will show you direct examples from the wiki and invite you to provide your feedback and ideas. If there is enough interest we can design or model a process together and discuss along this example the tricks and traps.

BPX / SAP Mentor

Frauke Hassdenteufe



MobileWeaver Ajax
MW Ajax is an SAP Research made platform that allows SAP ecosystem to build situational applications with near to zero investment. MW Ajax breaks through the enterprise applications silos and offers an easy tool to mash up applications on top of enterprise services from different origins. It provides an easy way to showcase how SAP enterprise services could be consumed; ISVs, customers and the community get the tools to innovate and create out of the box and never thought of applications from individual services.
The session is about showing MW Ajax capabilities. We will show how to compose a SOA Mobile mashup on top of SAP Enterprise services from BPx and 3rd party services using MW Ajax. We intent to show the resulting composed application on iPhone and a Nokia smart- phone.


Louenas Hamdi, SAP Research.