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You've heard of Poetry Slams?  They are competitions "at which poets read or recite original work which are then judged on a numeric scale by previously selected members of the audience".

Well we've got an evening of Process Design Slamming to invite you to at SAP TechEd Berlin.  Only 25 slots.  Teams of 4-5 people will compete to design a solution (executable and measurable) for a panel of judges and those participating will learn more about BPM/BPX methodologies as a side benefit.

We've got some evil plans around what the Process Design Slam will be and how you will want to engage your brains.  Of course we can also illustrate what the Process Design Slam won't be. (ie. brain on drugs)

Want to attend the Process Design Slam in Berlin on Tuesday Night October 14th after Demo Jam? Spaces are limited and you must already be attending the SAP TechEd event itself. Please add your name to the list (choose edit tab on this page, then place your cursor at the end of the last name on the list, hit "enter" add your name on the next line and save the page.)

If you get your name on the list before Monday then during the SAP Community Day event (Monday, October 13th) you can pick up your wrist band or receive it at the Community Clubhouse info desk the following day (Tuesday, October 14th).  The wrist band will give you access to the evening event.

What you need to bring to the Process Design Slam?

Yourself (after signing up here). We'll supply the rest.

  1. Marilyn Pratt
  2. Ann Rosenberg
  3. Marc Dietrich
  4. Frauke Hasstenteufel
  5. Silvia Gabrielli
  6. Jim Spath
  7. Robert Baumann
  8. Gerald Kloimstein
  9. Erik Hubers
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