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In order to help you to get some meaningful datasets, we collected a list of publically available datasets:


ProviderTopicDescription URLSizeDownload URLCommentsExamples
Frauenhofer InstituteReal-Time Football Location Tracking
  • Explanation videos (1), (2)
  • Meta-Data (1)
  • Recommended to use the second half of the data, because there are less artifacts in the raw data
  • Basic knowledge of math and physics regarding motion of players and balls is needed
  • FIFA approves intelligent goal from Frauenhofer
  • Frauenhofer unveils technology for tracking player performance
  • Demo of RedFIR chip technology
  • TechniBall Solution from the original DEBS challenge (Paper), (App)
  • Creating a DB schema could look like this: "CREATE SCHEMA Soccer_Sensor (sensor_id long, time long, x long, y long, z long, velocity long, acceleration long, vx long, vy long, vz long, ax long, ay long, az long)"
SafecastGlobal Radiation Measurement
National Science FoundationMillion Song Dataset
  • This is only the sample dataset (the full dataset is 280GB big)
  • Meta-Data (1)
  • Each song is represented as a HDF file
  • No labels