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Blogs on Community Day and TechEd 2008 in Bangalore

Community contributors attending Community Day and TechEd at Bangalore have blogged their experiences.
This page is an agregation of such blogs. Feel free to add your blogs as they get posted.

Community Day

Spirit of Community Day by Sadhu Kishore
Bangalore Community Day 2008 Recap by Sãnthosh Kûmãr V
Community Day Bangalore - Recap by Monika Kotwani
Community Day Thanks SCN by Babu Jayendran
TechEd Day 0 by Somnath Manna
Community Day Replay by Craig Cmehil
Barcon Bangalore 2008 by Abesh Bhattacharjee
SAP Mentor Visit in Bangalore by Marilyn Pratt
My First ever Community Day by Rohit Chowdhary

Run-up to Community Day
T20 on community Day Bangalore by Santosh V
Community Day - A day full of Joy by Rajesh Banka
Bangalore Community Day by Craig Cmehil
What can you expect on Community Day Bangalore by Sadhu Kishore
Community Day Bangalore - RIA BoF by Mrinal Wadhwa
Community Day Bangalore - Mentor Hand's On by Thomas Jung
Bangalore we should be ready by Sãnthosh Kûmãr V
Recap Community Day 2007 @ Bangalore by Jaideep Srinivasan
Why should you come to community Day Bangalore by Somnath Manna

What started it all
Bangalore Disappoints by Craig Cmehil

TechEd and Environment Awareness by Somnath Manna
ESME in Bangalore - The Movie by Mariyn Pratt
Demo Jam - Remix Bangalore 2008 by Craig Cmehil
Startship Enterprisey Candid Bangalore Moment Ecohub by Craig Cmehil
TechEd Bangalore - Day of DemoJam by Somnath Manna
TechEd Bangalore - Day of Process Slam by Somnath Manna
TechEd Bangalore - Day of hanging out at Clubhouse by Somnath Manna
It's a Wrapup! Another TechEd Season Ends on High Noteby Chip Rodgers
Bangalore Community Remix by Craig Cmehil
Looking back at TechEd Bangalore by Jon Reed
SAP TechEd 2008:My Experience by Sudhir Gorantla

Process Slam
Process Design Slam - Bangalore 08 by Marilyn Pratt
Mark Yolton Welcomes Process Design Slammers by Marilyn Pratt
Process Design Slammers - 'Save the Egg' by Rajesh Banka

RIA Hacker Night
Video on ESME by Craig Cmehil
Video on Adobe by Craig Cmehil
Video on SAP UI Technologies by Craig Cmehil
SAP TechEd 2008, Bangalore "Hacker's Night" by Neha Modi