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FPM (Floorplan Manager) for Web Dynpro ABAP is a framework to quickly create and configure consistent and elegant UIs.  In this session you will see how to leverage this new SAP technology by integrating it with everything you've learned in other MHO sessions by Dan McWeeney, Rich Heilman, and Thomas Jung.

The exercise documents can now be downloaded:


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  1. Hi Ed,

    great work!

    I tried to implement it in our EHP2 system but found out quickly that exercise 4 is the only available document and it is based on the floorplan of  excercise 3. I wonder what that looks like.

    Thanks a lot for any hints. By the way, I found this "Floorplan Manager Tutorial Tabbed" as a .SIM file I jut don't know how to open that.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Clemens,

    if you have access to then you should search for the SAP Tutor Player. It is the player to open .SIM files.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Gregor,

    thank you for the hint.

    I  searched swdc buit could not find anything using terms "SAP Tutor Player", SIM, Tutor, Player. Can't find it anywhere. Probably removed.



  4. Hi Clemens,

    Google was my firend. Try to download from

    Best regards