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The new Supply Chain

Have you heard about Amazon’s drone delivery program? Have you heard about 3D printer technology? Do you think these two examples have the potential to change the world around Supply Change Management (SCM)? You don’t have to look too far in the future to see that the way how spare parts can be delivered has potential to be optimized. If a spare part is available in more than one location – which location should you go for? What is the best way to optimize costs, time and service aspects? Do you have any ideas about a new, innovative and easy to use user-interface?

The new Student Information System

The time to study gets shorter and shorter, while at the same time Universities get bigger and bigger. Many students are tired to spend hours and hours to find information about courses, available books and canteen food, or just somebody for a carpool. These and many more ideas can help to make life easier for students. What do you think a modern Student Information System should help you with? How should it look like? What do you expect from it?

The new Bank

Did you know that once you had to go to a physical Bank branch to transfer money to another account? Well, it’s long time ago, but still many Banks offer services which will probably be obsolete in only a few years from now. Do we still need physical buildings then? How can we transfer services to the new age of mobile devices? What kind of new services are possible with new technology? How can we make sure that every population group (e.g. elderly people, minorities) can access these services?

The Smart City

Cities grow faster and faster, and with this growth serious problem areas arise (e.g. transportation, water, energy, security). SAP started an initiative to face these problems and will develop a system which allows you to deploy plug-in solutions that address different areas. The challenge will be to develop the perfect event solution for this future system. Have you ever heard about a great party – after the party finished? Have you ever faced the problem that you want to go to an event but you found nobody to carpool with? Will my friends be on the event tonight? Find a solution that makes your City smarter. 


The citizen science project to crowd-source life on Earth - taking stock of the planet’s biodiversity

What if you could use your smartphone to “read” biological barcodes and to rapidly and accurately identify unknown species – while at the same time little or no taxonomic biology knowledge is required from you? DNA barcoding is a scientific method which lets you exactly do this. Just as the unique pattern of bars in a universal product code identifies consumer products, a short "DNA barcode" is a unique pattern of DNA sequence that can potentially identify any living organism. Your task will be to link science, technology and innovation by designing an engaging mobile entry portal to the DNA barcoding process. Think about creative ways to enable and motivate young people to participate in a DNA barcoding project while harnessing the power of crowd-sourcing.

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