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This is the Colgate FlexLabs. The open atmosphere and the multiple white boards helps us have an open environment for collaboration. We are not big cubicle fans. Click on the photos to see all the notes for the photos.

UPDATE: Ryan and Phil are no longer with Colgate, and the powers that be have now moved Dan and Ed to the bane of their existence: cubicles. We will leave this page up in honor of the FlexLabs, which we once loved. (sad)

Ryan Quackenboss, Ed Herrmann, Dan McWeeney

SDN wall of fame where you get to put your name once you reach a milestone.

Ed and Dan's work area...the co-op area is in the background...we like to abuse them whenever we can. (smile)

Phil and Ryan's work area...plenty of coffee, Red Bull, and Bawls to go around

This is where the magic happens, our open area with multiple white boards

Classic red stapler, Office Space style

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