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Community Day Berlin 2008

This [Community:Community Day] is worth the TechEd event fee alone. Meet friends and make new friends to hang out with during the remainder of the week. - Ed Herrmann Colgate-Palmolive [Community:more reasons to come]

To enable greater focus for our two main communities, we have split the BPX and SDN Day already at the registration.

Check out our current Agenda (not finalized).

But fear not, we will have a short joined opening session, as well as an evening reception together. Both schedules will be in sync. If there is a session that you like to attend on the BPX side although you have signed up for the SDN Day or vice versa, that will be no a problem.

Detailed and Official agenda for the Community Day Berlin can be found here, not all sessions made it into the list so look for them at the Community Clubhouse!

Detailed pages with the list of proposed sessions, please add yours. If selected you will get free entry to the event:  

Where Congress Center Berlin
When The day before TechEd October 13th 2008
What Community Day Berlin Agenda

Please register


Registration Information

People who want to register for Community Day only should contact the registration office directly via email or phone.
Phone:  +44 (0) 1252 77 1030
Fax:      +44 (0) 1252 77 1730

DMS (the registration company) is informed and will assist with the booking.

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