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Community Day Feedback and Videos

Check out the highlights behind-the-scenes video of last year's Community Day

  • Nigel James blog post: Community Day in Munich last year was a blast.
  • The Community Day is a great way to kick-off SAP TechEd and allows access to key experts (both from within and outside SAP) in an informal way and without competition from the large TechEd crowd.
  • Great fun! - Jim
  • I love community day and find it one of my most anticipated parts of TechEd
  • I loved everything at Community Day 2007...My only hope is that Community Day 2008 get as least as good as last year.
  • "+ve comments:
    • - Community Day is combination of TechTalk (Experience based demo/case studies) and PowerTalk ( Knowledge Talk and discussion )
    • - Very good to mingle with great specialists from SAP and different domains
    • - Interaction and sharing of experience - great one
    • - As usual, always like evening get-together with party
  • -ve comments:
    • - About Speed NetWorking: It is a great idea to have and will enable our peers to know. However, this was very much received in first Community Day (was called as SDN Day). During last year, i felt, I see most of the known face during the Community Day. Hence it was not effective (as i understand)
  • In general, it was very good. Special thanks to Mark, Craig, Marilyn 
  • It was very nice to find people with common interests, and help solve issues off the counter. It was also productive to learn about other people's pain points and think together on helpful solutions.
  • SAP Community Day is a great way to get your feet wet, learn, and meet people prior to digging in for the intensive educational sessions that follow.  The connections that you can make, the spirit of community, the whole environment - all are fantastic, and inspirational!
  • The evening event was great! It really got the group involved. It will be hard to top that this year!
  •  I met several people at the speed networking in under 10 minutes and have kept in touch with several of them since.  Maybe a few canned questions as ice breakers would assist, as the topics were over-general.
  • Community Day was a great chance to meet interesting colleagues and enhance the personal network something extremely valuable for a freelancer like me.
  • Furthermore it was great opportunity to get to know people like Tim O'Reilly or members of the SAP Excutive Board.
  • I'm very much looking forward to the SAP Community Day 2008! Best regards, Robert"
  • This is worth the TechEd event fee alone. Meet friends and make new friends to hang out with during the remainder of the week.
  • Before SDN and the community day I went to the sessions and then back to the hotel and now the whole event is not only great from an educational aspect but great for socializing as well. "
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