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Community Day London 2008 - Saturday 26th April

Check out the SDN / BPX - London / UK Webinar on the 16th July 2008

Community day in Munich was a blast and now we've done it near London too. The date was Saturday 26th April and the location was the Axon offices in Egham, Surrey - just outside the M25 London Orbital Motorway, about 30 minutes from London Heathrow and about 40 minutes by train from central London.

We ran the event as a community-driven unconference and to keep costs to an absolute minimum, the event itself was free of charge.

Community Days welcome the SAP Developer Network's technologists, the Business Process Expert Communities' business process professionals and members of the UK SAP user community in a vibrant day of face-to-face collaboration. [more]


Attendance at the event was free, with lunch and refreshments provided by Axon - a big thank-you to them.

Evening Event, Meal & Beers

We ended up not having an evening event in London - there were just a few of us left at the end of the day, so we went to a local pub for a pint instead.

What to do next

Please leave a comment on the SDN Blog entry for the day, or over at to let us know what you thought about the day. If you want to hear about future Community Days in the UK, please send an email to Darren Hague.

Recording & Podcasts

We'd hoped to record the sessions as MP3 files, perhaps even do some interviews, and make the files available as podcasts after the event. We were a bit too rushed and technologically challenged to manage that on the day, but some video and photos were taken, which may make it onto the web soon.


Session suggestions are here. This did not mean presenting as such - they were hosted discussions around topics of interest. Notes on the sessions will be added to the child pages of this one, and further discussion can be done in the page comments so that the sessions become a permanent resources for the community.


BOF Topic






Web services


Gregor Wolf, Thorsten Søbirk, Mike Pokraka


Combine Typo3 WebCMS with SAP R/3 and CRM using Web Services

Web service

Gregor Wolf

Patrick Lobacher



Web services


Gregor Wolf


Making the most of the Universal Worklist


Darren Hague

Gregor Wolf, Thorsten Søbirk, Raju Datla, Jason Moors, Nathan Adams , Mike Pokraka,Surya Perumalla, Harald Reiter


Dynamic personalization and landing pages in EP


Harald Reiter

Darren Hague, Raju Datla


Integrating Active Directory with SAP

ID Management

Darren Hague

Raju Datla, Jason Moors,Surya Perumalla, Harald Reiter


Enterprise Services in .NET - Wrap it and use it.

Web Services

Owen Pettiford

Dean Wood, Nathan Adams , Gavin Targonski


Using the BAdI framework in generic services to provide specific functionality

Web Services

Nathan Adams

Mike Pokraka


Workflow Open Forum


Mike Pokraka, Mark Pyc

Darren Hague, Harald Reiter , Gavin Targonski


Comet, Lift and Scala - Next-gen push-based web apps

Open Space

Darren Hague



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  1. Me I'd love to see it later than April as April/May is the SAP Sapphire events so lots of people will be tied up with that (sad) heck even February would be awesome almost nothing event wise happening.

  2. I've a feeling that working out the date is going to be the hardest thing to do. I'd love to come. If it's in April, I wouldn't be able to make the week ending 25th (that's my son's birthday), but any other day yes. Craig - there's FOSDEM in Feb (Brussels); then again there will be something whatever date we pick :-/


  3. Anonymous

    I'm thinking about 11th April as a tentative date. It's 4 weeks before Sapphire Orlando and 6 weeks before Sapphire Berlin, so maybe Craig can squeeze us in. (smile)  In terms of attendees, I don't think there would be much crossover between Sapphire and a Community Day, but I guess the potential attendees from SAP might be busy preparing demos etc.

    February would be a bit dark and cold, really, but June could be a possibility...

    I think the actual date is one of the less important attributes at this early stage (the idea behind April was that it was halfway to the next TechEd). That the event occurs is ultimately more important.

  4. count me in. can i do a bof called "how to turn handwaving into action: building better relationships with developers... " or something.

  5. I am interested and could do some more PHP and SAP stuff or some CRM web client or something. Will this be a total community thing or will SAP lend some 'infrastructure' behind it? For taking payments etc ...

  6. The Sapphire thing was more for SAP folks in general me personally April doesn't work because that's the due "time" for our second son working his way into the world (wink) April 8th to be exact so March/April and prob beginning May are out of the question for me with Travel for the most part - gotta be home to help with the first one and the second...

  7. Wonderful initiative.Have you considered broadening the circle with folks that may not be that active yet?  I know that Owen Pettiford (you met him Darren as I recall from your post) was interested in helping doing that.  I'm thinking of ways of getting the BPXers to notice the great activity here.  Phil Kishloff was another Brit who was interested.

    I can "ping" them of course but I'm wondering what's the best way to get this visible, other than what you are doing here, to get folks who aren't as wiki linked (or twitter etc.) more informed about the opportunity of a community day...

  8. Looks like Gregor's on top of this and hopefully folks will read the blog.  Community driven is best.

  9. Anonymous

    Sounds like a great idea. Please count me in.


  10. Unknown User (jxv416t)

    Would defintely be interested as missed out on TechEd.

  11. This is a great idea. Please count me in.


  12. Unknown User (iw4r69b)

    April 11th would work for me, would love to hear something from SAP about MOIN and where and when that fits into the general CE

  13. I will definitely be there.