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Community Day  

Back by popular demand this pre-conference day is all about you, connections, exchanging of experiences and ideas. The Community Day (formerly known as SDN Day) welcomes not only the SAP Developer Network's technologists and Business Process Expert Communities'business process professionals but also embraces members of ASUG and DSUG as well as other regional SAP user communities in a vibrant day of face-to-face collaboration. [more]

Links to other Community Days

Community Day Las Vegas October 1st
Community Day Bangalore November 27th

Please add your BoF* session suggestion here. Currently we can accomodate about 16 sessions throughout the day. If there are more we will do a selection process.  

Update: Even though we have a lot of sessions already, we can a couple more, as Daniel will only do one session during the community day and the rest in the clubhosue. We will keep some open slots still for unconference style write in at the day of the event.

Please update which sessions you would like to participate in, as not all rooms are the same, so we know where to put the sessions. We will work with a couple of you to merge some of the sessions and will post the raster asap. Invitations to the hosts will go out soon too.


BOF Topic





Co-Innovation on SDN and BPX. Status and further development.


Mark Finnern

Anton Wenzelhuemer, Thomas Ritter
Ed Herrmann


Boost your development productivity. NWDS enhancements and more...


Oliver Kohl



Integration Tests in ABAP Development: Testtools and Testtool Design
More information can be found here.


Tobias Trapp

Gregor Wolf, Thomas Ritter
Ed Herrmann, Florian Rosenlehner


Building Composite Applications with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Foundation
This session introduces a concept of developing composite applications on the Java stack of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 based on standard J2EE features and proprietary SAP features of NetWeaver. More information available here


Matthias Steiner



Implementing cool technology - what is the business case?


Darren Hague

Tobias TrappAnton Wenzelhuemer
Ed Herrmann, Herwig Stecher, Peter Koch


From NW04 to NW CE - how WDJ and portal come togehter to provide one consitent UI stack.


 Jochen Guertler



Running WDJ apps in a heterogenous portal system landscape


Jochen Guertler



Creating applications that are aligned to the business using the Enterprise SOA Adoption Program - The Dummies Guide


Owen Pettiford

Anton Wenzelhuemer


How to keep your/your development team's technical skills up to date (open discussion on approaches not a technical presentation).


Thomas Jung

Darren Hague,
Gregor Wolf, Tobias TrappAnton Wenzelhuemer Ritter
Ed Herrmann, Florian Rosenlehner, Peter Koch


Blue Ruby
Developing Ruby and Ruby on Rails programs running on the Netweaver ABAP runtime.


Rainer Brendle

Asuman Suenbuel, Murray Spork, Tobias Trapp
Ed Herrmann


Visual Composer - You think you know....


Dafna Yanay

Matthias Zeller, Herwig Stecher


Detroubulator version 1.1 release: New features in the open source unit test tool for SAP XI mapping programs


Morten Wittrock

Ed Herrmann


Adobe AIR - Deploying rich internet applications on the desktop - Discuss opportunities and challenges of rich clients in enterprise environments

SDN, RedMonk

Matthias Zeller

Gregor Wolf, Thomas Ritter
Ed Herrmann, Margit Schmid, Herwig Stecher


Exploratory testing or ways to improve your manual testing skills...


Thomas Ritter

Gregor Wolf, Tobias Trapp
Ed Herrmann, Florian Rosenlehner,


Interactive Forms by Adobe - Fonts - selection and mapping for Interactive and print PDF


Les Woolsey


SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe - Printing with paper selection, single sided, double sided and complex scenarios


Les Woolsey/Rob Mennen/Juergen Hauser


Latest Portal Improvements: Navigation Zoom, Portal Spider and Activity Reporting


Daniel Wroblewski


Advanced out-of-the-box features in web reporting to build highly-customized xApp Analytics in SAP Netweaver BI and EP 7.0 : smooth integration between Visual Composer, Bex Web Analyzer and Web Application Designer (including Web APIs, ABAP Objects, Javascript functions, function modules exposed as web services, triggering events between Visual Composer and WAD, agility with reusable components and so on .......) - with code samples, tips and tricks, optimization.


Laurence Morel

Florian Rosenlehner


SAP meets WordPress - taking a look at how SAP might integrate with the popular blogging / CMS software.


Nigel James

Gregor WolfAnton Wenzelhuemer
Ed Herrmann


Developing engaging user interfaces and rich internet applications with Adobe Flex -
This is a 2 hour hands-on workshop (bring your laptop) - We will discuss the fundamentals of Flex and Flash and how Flex applications can integrate with SAP. Developers and consultants will share with you how they use Flex in SAP projects. If you do not have Flex Builder yet, we will install a trial version on your laptop and implement a small sample project.


Matthias Zeller
Ed Herrmann
Dan McWeeney

Darren Hague . Margit Schmid, Herwig Steche


Twitter meets NetWeaver


Craig Cmehil

Thomas Ritter
Ed Herrmann


Suit meets Geek:
What does actually happen when you want to get your BPM/ESOA project sold to the business? Two worlds collide...
So, what skills do you REALLY need to get it done?


Edo van de Velde

Nadim Razvi
Florian Rosenlehner
Darren Hague


KPI Wiki project:
It is the goal to achieve a consistent set of business KPIs that are commonly understood, used and accepted by the market. To achieve this goal we would like to invite you to review the KPI definitions and provide us your valuable input.


Nadim Razvi



SAPlink - brainstorming/coding session for SAPlink suggestions and feature requests for the future. 


 Ed Herrmann
Dan McWeeney



SAP Workflow in Microsoft Office
Taking a look at what's in store in Duet 1.5 in the way of approval support directly from Microsoft Office.  Not to mention chewing over ideas about what we can offer next.


Alan Rickayzen, Yifat Ferber

Darren Hague, Gregor Wolf,


State of the Community
Meeting the moderators and managers of the SDN/BPX Expert forums to discuss the ongoing issues
concerning quality, moderation, abuse etc.




BOF Sessions (from Wikipedia):
Birds of a Feather: This idiom is a shortening of the proverb "Birds of a
feather flock together.", meaning that people (birds) of the same kind or
interest (of a common feather) enjoy spending time (flocking) together. This
proverb is believed to date back as far as Greek and Roman times, but has become
commonly used as jargon by various groups since the nineteenth century. In the
world of computing, BoF (Birds Of a Feather) can refer to: An informal
discussion group. Unlike Special Interest Groups or Working groups, BoFs
are informal and often formed in an ad-hoc manner. The acronym is used by
the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to denote initial meetings of members
interested in a particular issue. A BoF session, an informal meet-up at
conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and
carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it worth merging the two sessions 6 & 11 ("Implementing cool technology - what is the business case?" and "How to keep your/your development team's technical skills up to date") - the list of attendees is similar, and I suspect we may cover similar ground in the sessions.

    - Darren