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I'm working on a few future community events, and want to show some mapping tools to help with:

* Planning event logisitics

* Publicizing events

* Improving the end user experience

The Google map API, and Google Earth can help plot points.

First, a few Black and Decker locations in South America

This may cause http/https pop-up messages as we're linking to a Google map.  This can be used to help Ignacio's Community Day for Buenos Airesand Blag's Lima event.  I'm no help for London though!

Next, some upcoming ASUG Chapter meetings (those in December 2007 with publicized locations).  Clipping these URLs into email blasts and other publicity can help target the best audience.

Now, an event that is invitation only, but that may have a good "night before" community gathering in the pub.  This is for the ASUG Annual Conference planning sessionin January 2008.  I added this to sapcamp.

Here's the "key" part of some KML (Keyhole Markup Language) for the TechEd Las Vegas 07 location:


Check out my KML markup via the Google API:


Now, the payoff: getting ready to go to the ASUG/Sapphire conference, finding a good hotel, mapping a route to the convention center, picking a nearby pub/restaurant/bar/night club, and meeting up with your peers.  Last year, many of my friends stayed at the Embassy Suites (as they said, "Outdoor pool, free drinks and made to order breakfast.  Big rooms too!").

When the official conference hotels are announced, it's always a decision whether to go with the short list, branch out on your own, or maybe you have to go through your corporate travel policy.

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