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At TechEd in Munich I (Owen Pettiford) will be hosting a BoF to discuss different approaches to creating Composite Applications that are aligned to the business. I have used the SAP Enterprise SOA Adoption Program Evaluation phase to create over 30 Enterprise SOA roadmaps and since leaving SAP in March I have created more using a method that draws on TOGAF and other Enterprise Architecture methods that I have used over the years.  
I am interested to find out the length of time people spend in the different phases of the various methods before dropping down to design a specific composite application. My experience is that this can be measured in days / weeks or even years in some extreme cases. I would be most interested to find out if as a Community we could create some best practice views or guidelines of how long is too long and how long is too little. 

Other topics that we could discuss include: 

-          High Lights and Low Lights of the Enterprise SOA Method

-          Other Methods and approaches

-          Bottom Up vs. Top Down

-          Using Agile Methods

-          The impact of productized Enterprise Services on the design process

-          How to best utilise the ES Bundles 

I look forward to a lively debate !! Add your name to the Wiki under session numbr 9 here

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