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Who is your Ada Lovelace Day inspiration? 

 The beautiful, Dilek Ersoz

Why is this person a role model?

 I love that she is passionate and excited about her work, I don't know if she would be happy outside of the technology world-- or realize her greatest potential for that matter in another industry.  I love that she fights stereotypes and strives to be a role model for other woman by first  breaking through and accomplishing so much herself.  She has a  BA in computer engineering and MBA in Marketing and Finance(full scholarship!). Throughout her schooling in Turkey the concept to break was that technology is a man's field, and that success for for a female in engineering was unlikely.  She currently works for MilSOFT ICT, a company who works with military HR.  She had a female role model which encouraged her (her high school math teacher), and she also wants to pass on and encourage woman who enjoy math and science to venture into the exciting world of engineering and technology.  

Who are some heroines of this person?

Dilek really admires SCN's own,  Marilynn Pratt, " She is the first person to come to mind. I hope I can meet her one day."

Dilek admires Edith Clarke, the first woman to be employed for electrical engineering in the United States and the first woman professor in the US on technical matters.