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 Tom Cenens

You can't stop me now

Attending SAP TechED and paying it forward

Otto Gold:

Embracing inclusion and design thinking team blog (a team artifact)

Embracing Inclsuing with Design Thinking event story

Embracing Inclusion with Design Thinking event story: the nicest part

 Thorsten Franz:

Mind-changing and actionable: Embracing Inclusion - Driving Innovation Event at SAPPHIRE NOW/SAP TechEd Madrid

Will Being More Inclusive Drive Innovation?

Kirby Leong:

Inclusiveness in Online Communities


Inclusion and Design Thinking: An Event Recap

Photos  - many more to come 
Workshop topics as drawn from the panel discussion
  1. How might we enable complimentairy teams?
  2. How might we cherish inclsuion within and outside the corporate world?
  3. How might we provide mentoring for all of us by all of us?
  4. How might we make the non-high flyers feel included?
  5. How might be continue to drive tonites ideas?
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