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What is it?

This is a new Community Event Format. An Enterprise CodeReadingClub lasts for a couple of hours, it is adapted from the Code Reading Club that is developed by Felienne Hermans.

This FREE Community-Driven event gives the opportunity to practice reading Code.

Enterprise and Code reading?

We are trying to improve this underestimated skill as a Developer. CodeReading and Understanding.

Why not only ABAP?

The SAP Universe is focusing on ABAP, but always the was an influence from other programming languages. And nowadays and in the future those technologies will more be intertwined. In this format we welcome everyone who is writing Business Software. We will focus on ABAP, JAVA, Javascript, Python, but everyone is welcomed to this Format.

The Set-up of an Enterprise CodeReadingClub


What should I bring?

Time and curiosity

Who supports Enterprise CodeReadingClubs?

The Format is founded and supported by Damir Majer and Christian Drumm 

As an ABAP Community, we use Slack Collaboration Tool. You're welcome to join our   ABAP Community Slack channel.


This Format is supported by SAP!

SAP will provide access to Cloud-based SAP Systems so that we can enjoy the Event on up-to-date Systems!


This Format is supported by SAP! SAP will provide access to the wiki.


E CRC 2021

 Facilitated by

 November 2021

Christand / Damir

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