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If you have any questions about the SAP HANA InnoJam Online 2012 - SAP's new online developer competition - here you will find frequently asked questions:

Q: What do I need to do to participate in the SAP HANA InnoJam online contest?

A: You need to wait for the next SAP HANA InnoJam Online to be announced - this train has departed...

Q: Where can I get help?

A: For general questions post them to the forum . For very specific questions send an email to

Q: How can I build a team?

A: SAP encourages you to use our Code sharing platform Code Exchange to create a project and collaboratively work with others that are interested in helping you out with your idea.
In mid-december SAP will open an SDN community for all 100 contestants and their team members that make it to Phase 2.

Q: How many people can be in a team?

A: There is no limit to the number of people that help you to refine and implement your idea but only 2 people per team will be invited to the finals. Also the 1st prize is an all-inclusive trip to Hana,Maui for 2 people.

Q: When will I get access to a HANA InnoJam online contest sandbox?

A: You won’t get access to a contest sandbox before January 2012. In the meantime you may be lucky and get an invitation to the controlled beta of the In-Memory Developer Center . In such case SAP will help you to migrate your data and code to the contest sandbox

Q: When will I know if I qualify for Phase 2?

A: If you registered and if you submitted an idea that is among the 1st 100 submitted you can be sure that you qualify for Phase 2.
In any case we will officially inform qualifying contestants starting on December 15th. All qualifying contestants will be informed with an official email before January 15 2012.

Q: I qualified for Phase 2, where do I send my video and description? 

A: Create a user on Vimeo and join the InnoJam Group, upload your video and create a forum post for the project description. 

Q: What is the deadline for video submitting? 

A: Videos and description should be uploaded until March 29th without exceptions. After the deadline no more videos or description will be accepted.

Q: How can I qualify for Phase 3? 

A: All participants from Phase 2 automatically qualify for Phase 3. In this phase, our Selection Committee will review the videos and project description and choose the 8 finalists. 

Q: How do I know if I qualified for Phase 4? 

A: The 8 finalist will be informed on April 2nd. Good luck everyone. 

Q: If I am an SAP employee, can I participate?

A: SAP Employees are not allowed to participate. The contest is exclusively reserved to external participants.
As an SAP employee you are always welcome to help by answering questions in the [forum|].

Q: Will SAP pay for my trip to the finals in Palo Alto in April?

A: SAP will host the event, providing facility, food and beverages and will pay for your flight to Palo Alto and hotel accommodation for 2 nights.

Q: What systems and software will be provided for the contest?

A: You’ll have free remote access to a shared HANA server via an individual client system hosted in a  cloud environment. Access will be given to all contestants of Phase 2 in January 2012.
The HANA server contains the standard HANA software (latest release) and is pre-loaded with demo data and software samples. You’ll have your own private space on the shared server.
The individual cloud-hosted client system contains the tools that you need to develop on HANA:
•HANA Studio (1.00 Revision 16 for Win32) 
•HANA Integrated Development Environment to create tables, model views, implement functions, etc.
•HANA Client Libraries (1.00 Revision 16 for Win32) and ODBC/ODBO/JDBC drivers to connect to HANA DB from MS Excel or Java programs
•SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Services

The contest landscape does not contain an ERP or CRM system and can not connect to systems in other landscapes.

Q: Will my data/code be backed-up?

A: SAP will back-up the entire database daily but SAP will not offer back-up of individual  schemas. It will up to you to export your own schemas to the server. In addition SAP will not offer any code repository for storing code that you will develop during the contest. However the cloud-hosted client systems will have full internet access allowing you to use the code repository of your choice. SAP encourages you to use our Code sharing platform Code Exchange.

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  1. Former Member

    Can we install our programs in SAP HANA database landscape so as to be able to call it in programming interface?