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Tips for First Time SAP TechEd Attendees

Surviving TechEd can be difficult for first timers. The size of the event alone can be overwhelming. But fear not - help is at hand from those who've got the blisters to prove that you really CAN survive and enjoy this event. I've created this video which I hope will inspire you. Enjoy.

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If you are blocked from watching content from YouTube then try this link to

(or, save the YouTube link for home viewing - )

Basic travel tips

  • Comfortable shoes - I can't emphasize this enough.  The next room is always at the other end of the building.
  • Bring way too many business cards.  Order a new box.  I don't know how many people have told me, sorry I don't have any cards, I've run out.  Keep a set in your wallet, another set in your pack, another set in your jacket pocket (see below for animated version).
  • Sweater or jacket.  At least in America, hall air-conditioning is set as if thousands of people jam each room
  • Refillable water bottle.  CSR, Sustainability and all that.
  • Rechargeable batteries for your camera, MP3 player/recorder, and a charger.

Dennis suggested:

  • Buying cigarettes.  I quit a long time ago, and am never going back there. (sorry Jim - still an addict and I did say IF )  (...sorry for you Dennis, and I couldn't hear parts of the audio :/ )
  • Pain reliever, extra strength, large bottle.
  • Dongles.  I.e., cables to connect all your gear to itself, and to others.
  • Euros.

James Governor at Redmonk suggested moisturiser but didn't suggest a brand. Any thoughts in that regard. Ladies and gents methinks. I (Gregor Wolf) suggest Nivea.

Your agenda

  When you build your agenda with the Agenda  Builder, it's okay to schedule more than 1 session you might attend.  It's allowable to leave a non-applicable session, or your first pick might be full, or perhaps you find later that one of your picks is being repeated.  Adding it early increases the votes for those chosen to be repeated, too.

  Try to pick speakers you want to hear, not just topics. 

Make sure that you use your reservation possibilities in the Agenda Builder. With this great feature you guarantee a seat behind a laptop (shared with another TechEd junkie) in two hands on sessions. And attending hands on sessions is the best way to make the most of your TechEd ticket. Of course there are more hands on sessions that you can and want to attend. Make sure that you are in time (30 minutes before) so that you are first in line of the people that are allowed to enter after the lucky ones that reserved a seat.


Bring some snacks that you can put in your bag for emergency moments Just kidding, catering is well arranged at SAP's TechEd, but the timing does not always match your personal agenda that is stuffed with a lot of interesting sessions. Make sure to take care of yourself, but while enjoying a meal pay attention to your watch - you do not want to miss your next session.

Pump up your business card

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 I posted a tutorial on using peel off stickers for business cards in Community Day Logo Ideas.  You can find a template graphic file in the attachments for that page.


Make sure to attend the Demo Jam, this is the event where fellow TechEd visitors show the innovation power of the TechEd community. An event that will last long in your memories.


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  1. Hi Dennis,

    your Video is great. A lot of good laughs.

    CU in Berlin