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List of questions

I was asked by the SAP InnoJam team to present at the TechFire of an InnoJam. What do I need to do?

As you were asked by the SAP InnoJam team to present the technology that you are an expert on, these would be your tasks:

  • You'll get a 6 minute slot for your presentation around one of SAP's coolest and newest technologies. During that time you need to provide an "elevator pitch" for that technology so that the participants undertand what this technology is about
  • After that you'll be the on-site expert for this technology during the complete event (approx. 30h). You need to have "hands-on" expertise as the participants will ask you many how-do-I-code-this questions.
  • Ideally you already have some content on SCN (blogs, articles, Code Exchange projects) that you can direct people to so that they can read through some material already prior the event or during the event. In case you have that material let the SAP InnoJam team know, and we'll reach out to the SAP Community and the participants ahead of time and make theam aware of that.

I am a Basis Admin / Process Expert / ... and I don’t write code. Would I would fit into the InnoJam?

InnoJam is about collaborative teamwork. We are looking for diverse minds eager to work in teams to build something that works and makes sense. All this to say that anyone who is ready to work with developers and other types of people is welcome.

Does SAP InnoJam provide us with the hardware: laptop, user accounts with admin rights etc, or do we need to bring our own laptops

During the event we'll provide each team with one or two laptops that can be used as a pool for the team to access some of the systems we provide that aren't accessible from other machines.
Nevertheless you should bring your own laptop to work on other technologies that you can access via your browser or to work on integrations scenarios.

What about flipcharts, whiteboards etc.? Do we get that?


Will all participants get into a team

All participants can join the team that they want. Tell your team what kind of expertise you have and what you want to learn and get to know what the best team for you is.

For how long are we allowed to stay on site

InnoJam is a non-stop event. So you can stay for the whole time.

What about food and drinks during the event?

You'll get that of course. Look into the agenda of your event for the times for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be snacks and drinks in-between so that you'll enough to eat and drink during the event.

Can we leave the facilities and re-enter at any time during the event?

This will depent on the locality where the event happens. Please get in contact with the InnoJam crew to get more information about this question.

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