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From Ad Hoc to Agile:  SAP Partners Helping companies leverage business process management to create dynamic business processes

Ever wonder what a "dynamic business process" really is?  What business processes change so frequently that they can't fit into standard SAP-managed applications?

Chances are you've participated in one when you received or sent an email asking for data to be entered into a spreadsheet or Microsoft Word-based form.   Maybe it's for approvals, or gathering information from employees, or collating information from suppliers, customers or distributors.   Either way, if it eventually ends up in your SAP systems, you are probably looking at a manual process that needs to be made dynamic.

We posed this question to our expert SAP Partners:  "Show us examples of SAP customers with processes that change so frequently that they would benefit from a business process management framework."

The first SAP Partner to answer this challenge is Intelligroup, who will be sharing their experience with consumer products companies:

Part 1:  Transforming Product launch and Re-launch Processes and Accelerating Time to Market with BPM with SAP Partner Intelligroup - Thursday April 2, noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific:

Consider the case of global consumer product companies that launch hundreds of different products and variations each year. "Product Launch & Re-Launch" is a strategic capability for these companies for fostering innovation and introducing new products to market quickly. Join Arunkumar KS of Unilever India and Liladhar Bagad of Intelligroup for an in-depth discussion about how these companies are increasing market share and top line revenue with a BPM program.  Webinar is Thursday, April 2, noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific.  Register Now: 

Listen to a short podcast with Arun and Lila about their upcoming webinar.

Suggested Pre-reading

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"Business process management is an attempt to provide that holistic view. It provides a new management discipline, a new suite of software technologies and tools, and a new IT implementation style based on concrete links between strategy and execution. This white paper explains SAP's place in the BPM landscape and describes its new offering in that arena, NetWeaver BPM."

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