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The Geeks and Suits SAP Salon was a great event. Bill and Minda have posted about it already.

Video Interview available

A video of a short interview that Bill and Minda gave after their talk is already available.

Link to the full video of the talk as well as the full interview will come soon. Please check back.

Event details:
We are hosting the Geek Gap authors Minda Zetlin and Bill Pfleging. March 26th 10am to 11:30am PDTat SAP Labs in Palo Alto 3410 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto (map). More info at the blog post.

The presentation will be streaming from 10:30am to 11:30amPDT (1:30pm to 2:30pm Eastern) 

Post your Quicktime viewer to the following
Webcast link: rtsp://

If you don't have a Quicktime player, get it here.
Paste the webcast link into your Quicktime player

Additional information and links:

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