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In today’s world sustainability tops the priority list of the market leaders.
Now the question before us is can we convert sustainability into profitability. We @ SAP and Ecohub have one word answer here, “Certainly”.

We have a proven business case here before you. It would be exciting to include you all in our drive where we uncover our journey of IT advancing towards a sustainable IT. A story of an organization leveraging technology and existing solutions to achieve a whooping  profit of 90 million Euros. It is again a story of Technology Engagement and Networking coming together in a unique way to create a descending carbon footprint pattern opposed to the ascending business transactions.

How did we achieve this..? Come, join the feat, at the session ALM106 in innovation weekend and TechEd 2010, where we uncover our secrets behind the steady success. We will show how IT can go beyond an aura of service provider and act as an Exemplar for sustainability.

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