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Welcome SAP folks to the HANA Tech Night Mannheim info page.

HANA Tech Night is an evening event, so afterworks. We focuses on topics around the SAP HANA Platform, SAP HANA as a Service and native HANA development. As a result of the change in SAP's direction ("cloud first") since March 2019, we intent to concentrate in addition on cloud based development and new topics like Cloud Application Programing Model (CAPM)  and Side-by-Side Extensions which uses SAP HANA as backend service.

3. HANA Tech Night Mannheim 2019, October 1st 2019

Agenda 2019-10-01

Time slotTalk/SessionDescriptionSpeaker 
17:45Doors open   
18:00Start of HANA Tech Night   
18:10Relocation of the HANA application developerSince March 2019, there seem to have been major changes in SAP's strategy ("cloud first"), which we want to summarize and discuss, especially with regard to the role of the HANA application developer.HP Seitz 
18:20Talk 1 "ABAP is dead: long live SAP CAPM"Developing UI5 apps with SAP CAP, using Fiori Elements, Docker, K8S to run it. I will show some code, some annotations, some Docker and YAML files. Let's do it: Developing SAP apps in 2019 without having to spend money and time on HANA.Tobias HofmannSlides
19:00Talk 2 "Calculation Views vs CDS Views"Introduction of both technologies. When to use what?!Nico Katz 
19:30Pizza & networking   
20:15Talk 3 "An introduction to ABAP CDS Views and an application to duplicate search on S/4 HANA"

We present the technique of ABAP CDS Views on SAP HANA. This modelling technique allows us to construct complex multi-layered views with features like associations, access controls, calculated fields and much more.
As an application we show how a duplicate search or fuzzy search for Business Partners can be implemented on S/4 HANA.

Benedict BaurSlides
20.45Have a drink and have fun   

Some more information on the speakers can be found on the meetup event page: 3. HANA Tech Night Mannheim (2019 Q3)

Second HANA Tech Night Mannheim 2019 Q2, May 28th 2019

Agenda 2019-05-28

Time slotTalk/SessionDescriptionSpeakerSlides
18:00Doors open   
18:30Start of HANA Tech Night   
18:45Talk 1 "IRES – Intelligent Ressource Efficiency Solution auf Basis von HANA as a Service auf der SCP – Das Projekt und Lessons Learned." (German language)Das Projekt IRES – Intelligent Ressource Efficiency Solution für Gerolsteiner startete als Fullstack SAP HANA On-premise Prototyp und am Ende entstand eine fertige Lösung auf der SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) und auf Basis von HANA as a Service (HaaS). Was war unser Weg von der Idee, des Prototypes auf Basis der SAP HANA Platform über die Migration auf die SAP Cloud bis zur fertigen Lösung. Welche Probleme und welche Lessons Learned gab es. Johannes Lussert 
19:30Pizza & networking   
20:00Talk 2 "Hierarchies in the database" After a few basics about hierarchies and trees, I will show different ways to store them in a database and how they can be processed in SQLScript with SAP HANA. The hierarchy functions that have been available since HANA 2.0 SPS02 are a key focus here. The lecture has a great relation to practical work in the area of SAP BW. However, it is more general, which is why it also applies to all other software developers involved in the processing of hierarchical data. Jörg BrandeisSlides
20:45Have a drink and have fun

First HANA Tech Night Mannheim 2019 Q1, February 19th 2019

Agenda 2019-02-19

Time slotTalk/SessionDescriptionSpeakerSlides
18:00Doors open   
18:30Start of HANA Tech Night   
18:45Talk 1 "SAP HANA Express Edition (HXE) - Tricks & hints from two years experience"It was a surprise when SAP announced the SAP HANA Express Edition (HXE) at end of 2016. The Express Edition is a freely available version of the SAP HANA Platform with almost all the features of the commercial SAP HANA version. There are multiple options to run HXE: local or in the cloud. HP shares his developer experience with the HANA Express Edition over the past two years.HP SeitzSlides
19:30Pizza & networking   
20:00Talk 2 "SQL-Entwickler denken anders" (German language)Eine Abfragesprache wie SQLScript (umgangssprachlich HANA SQL) unterscheidet sich erheblich von einer "normalen" Programmiersprache. Ich werde anhand von eigen Beispiele zeigen, wie sich Probleme in den beiden unterschiedlichen Welten lösen lassen und was die dahinterliegende Denkweisen sind.Jörg BrandeisSlides
20:45Have a drink and have fun   

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The events were organised by HP SeitzJörg BrandeisDenny Schreber and the HANA Developers Mannheim

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