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Welcome SAP folks to the HANA Tech Night Mannheim info page for the year 2020.

HANA Tech Nights focus on topics around the SAP HANA Platform, SAP HANA as a Service  and native HANA development. As a result of the change in SAP's direction ("cloud first") since March 2019, we intent to concentrate in addition on cloud based development and new topics like Cloud Application Programing Model (CAP)  and Side-by-Side Extensions which uses SAP HANA as backend service. Which defines the role of the "cloudy" HANA Developer.

We had three great events in the last year, information can be found on HANA Tech Nights Mannheim 2019.

Virtual HANA Tech Night Mannheim (2020 Q3), July 23th 2020

Agenda 2020-07-23

Time slotTalk/SessionDescriptionSpeaker 
20:00Start & Welcome   
20:10Talk 1 - "Kick-Start Machine Learning with SAP HANA"Benedict will give an overview of what possibilities you have with Machine Learning on SAP HANA. As an example I will show how you can start developing predictive models using SQLScript and Predictive Analytics Library (PAL) within SAP HANA Express.Benedict Baur 


21:00Talk 2 "Experience from the HANA Cloud Headliner Program"

First Experience of building Virtual Data models with the help of HANA Cloud for SAP and Non-SAP Systems is presented. The SAC is used as a Dashboard.

Daniel Rothmund
21:20Discussion about Talk 2   
21:50Have a drink and have fun


When and how to register?

4. HANA Tech Night Mannheim, February 10st 2020

Agenda 2020-02-10

Time slotTalk/SessionDescriptionSpeaker 
17:45Doors open   
18:00Start of HANA Tech Night   

Talk 1 "What's new in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment (aka. Steampunk) 2002"

With the latest release 2002 the development of applications using RAP became even more convenient. In my session I want to show in a life demo the development of an application using the ABAP RESTful Programming Model (RAP) that makes use of SAP HANA underneath the new cloud based ABAP stack.Andre Fischer 
19:00Talk 2 "Unleash the Beast"

Bringing ABAP and SQLScript together. A talk about AMDP and CDS Table Functions.
Some historical Information About how HANA and ABAP grew together from past to present. Also learn what technical posibilies you have to Access HANA native Functions directly from your ABAP based Application.

Soeren Schlegel
19:30Pizza & networking   
20:15 Talk 3 "Location Analytics with SAP HANA Spatial"

In this talk Mathias Kemeter will present SAP HANA Spatial and some recent enhancements in the area of geospatial clustering.

The geospatial capabilities of SAP HANA are a not-so-hidden gem amongst HANA’s multi-model processing engines. For those who haven’t heard yet, SAP HANA offers spatial datatypes and processing algorithms for creating sophisticated in-database spatial analytics and connecting expert GIS systems such as Esri ArcGIS.

With SAP HANA Spatial being an out-of-the-box database engine, you can inject the geospatial dimension into your applications or analytical models. HANA’s proven qualities as well as the transparent combination of relational, spatial, graph and unstructured document data are the door-opener for creating a 360 view on your business data.

Mathias KemeterSlides
20.45Have a drink and have fun   

When and how to register?

Where will it take place?

HANA Tech Night Mannheim

MAFINEX-Technologiezentrum (Bauteil C / Conference Room C4)
Julius-Hatry-Straße 1
68163 Mannheim / Germany

Google Maps Link

Who shall attend?

For SCN community members (no matter if you are a customer, consultant, freelancer or SAP employee) , who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge and are interested in topics around the SAP HANA Platform. No matter if you already have experience with SAP HANA/SAP HANA Express Edition or if you are completely new to the topic - everyone is welcome.

Hotel suggestion

The closest hotel is the Best-Western in the Lanzcaree (5 minutes walk away):

Public Transport

We are 10 minutes walk away from Mannheim Hbf (Main station)

Car Parking Space

From 6 pm on you can park for free on all public roads around the venue.

At the house there are two visitor parking lots (marked with P1 and P3 in the picture below), each with 5 parking spaces, as well as another 10 parking spaces (marked with P2 in the picture below), where you can park with a parking permit (please pick up the permit from the organizers).


The event is for FREE (free, as in free beer).

Tweet / Social Media

Use #HANATechNight hashtag


This event is sponsored by

We are looking for further sponsors. If you like to support us, don't hesitate to contact HP Seitz or Jörg Brandeis.

For sponsors we offer the following:

  • Your logo on this page within the SAP Community Network Space.
  • You will be mentioned during the opening sessions of the event.
  • At the event, you can put some flyer and merchandising to one of the desks.

Contact and follow us

The event is organised by HP SeitzJörg Brandeis, Denny Schreber and the HANA Developers Mannheim


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