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Our evening event will take place at

KvR – Kapitales vom Rind

Viktoriastraße 23
D-80803 München

Fon: +4989 - 44 23 77 36
Fax: +4989 - 44 23 77 37

Please consider the self payment basis.


The reservation is due to 7:30 p.m. Just ask for "SAP Inside Track" or "SAP Stammtisch München".

How to get there the easiest way?

After the SAP Inside Track lectures and sessions are closed you have to go back to the underground station "Implerstraße":

How to get from "The HUB" to the subway station "Implerstraße" (link to Google maps)

There you have to take the underground line U3 (direction "Moosach").

You don't have to change, just get off at the station "Bonner Platz".

Then you just have to walk a couple of meters to K-V-R, "Viktoriastraße 23":

How to get from station "Bonner Platz" to the restaurant (link to Google maps)


Or just follow the others (wink)

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