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The "I'll Be There Banners" are back!

A few things to keep in mind and remember this year like the last two years these are meant of course for blogs, websites and the such outside of our community so points won't be given for you placing the banners on your wiki profile, your blog or anywhere else on the or domain. Mine for example is now located on which is my blog/website outside of the community. 

How to Start

Select the banner(s) you'd like to use from the options below. Copy the corresponding HTML code and use it as you would any other referenced image. If attending Community Day at SAP TechEd '08, please note that your banner needs to point back to or

URL: <a href=""           ><img src=""            border="0"></a>

URL: <a href=""           ><img src=""            border="0"></a>

URL: <a href=""           ><img src=""            border="0"></a>


URL: <a href=""           ><img src=""            border="0"></a>

Get Your Points*

You'll earn 50 points for each URL that includes the banner(s). And if your company chooses to add one of the banners to the company website, or company-sponsored blog, then each registered member of SDN or BPX (within the company) who registered under the posting company's email ID will receive 10 points. For example, if ABC Company adds the SAP TechEd '08 banner to its homepage, then every member of SDN and BPX with the email ID would receive 10 points.

Personal Sites

  1. Craig Cmehil,
  2.  Abesh Bhattacharjee,
  3. Anne Kathrine Petteroe
  4. Vijay Babu Dudla
  5. Mohan
  6. Venkata Phani Prasad Konduri
  7. Frank Köhntopp
  8. Renald Wittwer
  9. Marcelo Ramos,
  10. S Hariharan,
  11. Twan van den Broek,
  12. Gregor Wolf,
  13. Company Sites

  14. Company Name, Company Site, Company email id

Done for fun (No Points)

Internal (not checkable, Community Profiles, etc.)


  1. Anonymous

    I'll Be There banner on the VNSG Utilities website

  2. Anonymous

    Craig, the URL has changed  : VNSG Utilities TechEd