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Implementing Cool Technology - What is the Business Case?

A discussion on how to do cool stuff while delivering business value

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Darren Hague

Bruce Sterling 

Carl Skeats

Tobias Trapp 

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Techies like cool technology

  • Cool = New + Interesting + Powerful

  • We like doing things nobody has done before

  • That's why we're into tech, after all

Cool technology makes managers nervous

  • Cool = New = Risky

  • Managers like removing risk from projects

  • That's not necessarily why they're managers - many used to be techies too

Emphasise business benefits

  • If it's cool but doesn't benefit the business, don't bother

  • We are professionals working in business, not academics

  • However, some benefits may be long-term or hard to quantify

  • We need to be wearing a BPX hat for some of the time

Work on reducing risk

  • Prototype or proof-of-concept during Blueprint phase

  • Mitigate the risks - have a strategy for technology failure

  • If you can, reference previous successes elsewhere

  • Work with SAP in ramp-up phase for extra support

  • Do only one new thing per project

Points raised

(please add any that I missed, or participate in the Discussion for this page)

Bruce Sterlng:
Tolomeo - Interaction between a skunkworks cool-tech business and the larger architectural practice that funds it

Darren Hague:
Book on managing risk in projects: Waltzing with Bears by Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister

There is a need to manage risks on a project, but if there is no risk at all then you are probably not innovating and probably delivering no real value.

The group was asked who had implemented SOA in a project, and very few hands went up. Perhaps this means that SOA is perceived as adding risk right now? This is interesting in the context of SOA being presented as a strategy for reducing risk, among other things. 


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