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Who is your Ada Lovelace Day inspiration?

Karin Schattka

This role model's background?

Karin is convinced that she did not choose the field of technology but rather it picked her! Karin first became interested in technology in kidergarden.  She played with meccano sets with the boys and has really enjoyed playing ever since.  She grew to love playing with technology and eventually developed her own applications-for personal purposes.  Karin loves proving the technology world wrong, that even a blond woman knows what she is talking about!  Nowadays, her interests include learning about cloud computing and memory base data management.  And even when she is not "working" she is surounded by the lastest technology the market has to offer--apple tv, ipad (already ordered!), digital cameras, software, two WLANs, and a cool mobile phone!  Karin sees the true opportunity that technology has to offer the world, it creates change and allows us to communicate, insantly and globally.  She is trul loving every minute of it.

Who are her role models?

Karin's role model is Carly Fiorina-CEO of HP.  "She is a real tech role model for me. A woman as CEO of a computer company! She is absolutley inspiring and...a woman!"