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Who is your Ada Lovelace Day inspiration? 

  • My co-speaker for this year's ASUG Annual Conference - Donna Hall of Stanley Black & Decker

Why is this person a role model?

  • After over a decade of working together, I've finally convinced Donna to share her expertise with a crowd at the ASUG in May.  Donna has been the primary database administrator for our SAP and other major applications.  Her work has been exemplary for decades, having worked her entire career at Black & Decker.

What are some of the accomplishments of this heroine?

  • Donna was the lead DBA on our Unicode conversions (see my blogs for details).
  • Donna has pioneered new technologies for storage management.
  • Her work with application teams has resulted in numerous performance enhancements.
  • Meet Donna at ASUG 2010 / Sapphire in Orlando: 
    • Wednesday May 19th
    • 4 PM
    • Session Code: 1014