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To Create an Ada LoveLace Day Entry

1. answer the 3 questions below
2. Put a title on the page with your heroine's name and your name (for example: Sandy Kemsley by Marilyn Pratt )
3. Add label adalovelace (by editing the label of your page)
4. Save

Who is your Ada Lovelace Day inspiration?

Lucy Buck ( @childsi)

Why is this person a role model?

Because of her irrepressible vision, a strong sense of compassion and justice and a remarkable ability to inspire others

What are some of the accomplishments of this heroine?

Lucy's created a home for abandoned babies in Uganda from scratch via her charity Child's i Foundation, winning the Vodafone World of Difference award in the process. She's leading a community that supports the idea of what she's doing that's growing by the day and the charity is entirely powered by social technology, she's a modern day Ada Lovelace without question.