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SDN has a new way to collaborate - Online Meet-ups. It's like a webinar, only a lot more interactive. Did you happen to miss one of the events, never fear check out the archived data below.

We want your input! Send your ideas for future Online Meet-ups.

Online Meetup #13
December 12, 2006
Axel Schuller
Composite Application Framework Meet-the-expert Sessions   meeting materials

Online Meetup #12
November 30, 2006
Will Carlton
Composite Application Framework Meet-the-expert Sessions    meeting materials

Online Meetup #11
October 27, 2006
Jan Rauscher
Composite Application Framework Meet-the-expert Sessions    meeting materials

Online Meetup #10
June 8, 2006
Ralph Benzinger
Regular Expressions in ABAP      RegEx Toy ,  Presentation

Online Meetup #9
May 11, 2006
Thomas Jung & Franklin Herbas
Adobe Forms                              Presentation

Online Meetup #8
April 27, 2006
Oliver Mayer
Enhancement Framework              Presentation

Online Meetup #7
April 13, 2006
Peter McNulty
Simple Transformation              Podcast

Online Meetup #6
April 6, 2006
Peter McNulty
ABAP Web Services                    Podcast

Online Meetup #5
March 24, 2006
Venky Varadadesigan
Web Dynpro for ABAP                Podcast

Online Meetup #4
March 17, 2006
Venky Varadadesigan
ABAP News Part-2 - Design-time tools               Presentation

Online Meetup #3
March 10, 2006
Thomas Jung & Peter McNulty
ABAP News Part-1 - Run-time tools                    Podcast

Online Meetup #2
February 23, 2006
Eric Domski
RFID                                                                     Information ,  Podcast

Online Meetup #1
December 15, 2005
Matt Kangas
New SAP J2EE Process Architecture Features    Information , Followup