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http://amazonwebservices.comImplementing a very basic Amazon Instance

Why would you run SAP on Amazon Web Services ?


The original reason was that every time I got to build one, as soon as it was completed, somebody would swipe it for functional or demonstration or bid purposes.  All worthy causes, but needing a degree of stability at odds with that of a BASIS experimenter...

You can start loading thye SAP s/w within minutes of deciding you want to create an instance
If you make a sizing error, you can fix it IMMEDIATELY !!


For pricing, see However, at the time of writing a 4 CPU ES450 with 15GB, running windows 2008, costs $US0.75 / hour to run.  Of course, if your image or system is not running, you don't get charged.  You do need somewhere to store your system when its not running, and your data in general- this starts at $US0.15c / GB for the first 50 TB and gets cheaper from there.

What is the difference between an AWS system and a server under your desk ?

How did I do it ?

Install SAP on Amazon Web Services #1 - the Environment
I describe how I setup an Amazon Web Services windows environment to be used for installing SAP ABAP and Java stacks. I show how to:
* identify the appropriate starting image, from those provided by Amazon
* initiate and modify this environment,
* save this environment

This creates the base image that you would use for one or more subsequent SAP images

 Install SAP on Amazon Web Services #2 - the Installation
This post describes how to
* setup persistent storage of the NW and DB2 installation, including database logging,
* setup an environment suitable for using standard SAP and AWS functionality to support sustained (i.e. 24x7) operation of the SAP system
* and finally, be able to (relatively painlessly) stop and start the SAP system and / or server without loss of persistent data.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Public Images - Basic 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Authentication Services

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