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SAP TechEd 2012 InnoJam in Madrid is now over!

A very big thank you to all the participants, technical experts, Design Thinking coaches, partners, SAP Mentors, TechEd core team and all those who made this event possible.

See below for all the details about the event, or start with a summary of the event in this wrap-up blog post .

Our panel of judges decided to choose two winners instead of just one :

Winner: Team WeCare

A mobile and cloud application for managing a private social neighborhood ecosystem. Thanks to the neighbors interaction center, neighbors can help each-other with everyday tasks such as car pooling, babysitting, planning playmates and other social activities such as a local community barbecue.

Team members:

  • Marouan Boukli (University of Mannheim)
  • Tom Burger (Accenture GmbH)
  • Ole Hogfeldt Jedrzejczyk (EVRY A/S)
  • Carl Jensen (EVRY A/S)
  • Jan Penninkhof (Phoqus B.V.)
  • Fawad Ahmed Shah (University of Mannheim)
  • Twan van den Broek (Ciber)
  • Gitte Winther Bruhn (SAP Denmark)
  • Latha Selvanadurajan (University of Mannheim)

Winner: Team Park-IT

Park-IT is showcasing Parking Shark, a C# based mobile app developed for the Windows 8 tablet to optimize the task of finding parks and managing user's parking experience that hits an SAP Business ByDesign back-end that manages parking optimization for cities.

Team members:

  • Doug Munford (independent SAP architect and developer)
  • Soeren Schneider (FH Brandenburg)
  • Wim Snoep (Ciber)
  • Ralph Knoops (The Next View)
  • Jan Laros (Ciber)
  • Greg Chase (SAP)

Runner-up: Team Park'O'Vation

  • Alain Corsius
  • Fons van Nuland
  • Leo van Hengel
  • Alexander Graebe
  • Hendrick Mueller

Runner-up: Team Otter, Inc.

  • Tim Guest
  • Martin Drewes
  • Andreas Eissmann
  • Brenton O'Callaghan
  • Mark Teichmann
  • Holger von Wiecki
  • Rene Wiecha

Runner-up: Team Smurney

  • Abdulbasit Gulsen
  • Melanie Saul
  • Karsten Huffstadt
  • Florian Wolf
  • Daniel Schwarz
  • Tobias Schlereth

Runner-up: Team Family Matters

  • Dagfinn Parnas
  • John Astill
  • Vassilena Banova
  • Alexandru Danciu
  • Christos Konstantinidis
  • Dennis Mispelbaum
  • Marcus Homann

Runner-up: Team e-Kids

  • Roelof Jan Bouwknegt
  • Pim de Wit
  • Fred Verheul
  • Michiel van Praat
  • Ivan Femia
  • Robet Rother

Runner-up: Team AGA Pullco

  • Christian Braukmueller
  • Darius Jurevicius
  • Kusala Kumsinda
  • Marco Leppen
  • Emeka Jude Okonkwo
  • Ansgar Erlenkoetter
  • Jakob Flaman
  • Roberto Loreto
  • Victor Martín
  • Hendrik Neumann
  • Evgenia Nikolova Tchervenkova

Community Voices, pictures and more

- Official picture gallery, our team pictures on Flickr, photos taken by Twan van den Broek and photos taken by Gregor Wolf

- Blog Ivan Femia: Develop like never before

- Blog Tim Guest: SAP InnoJam - Not just for Techies

- Blog Julien Vayssiere: SAP InnoJam Madrid - We're on!

- Blog Julien Vayssière: 5 Design Thinking challenges for Better Cities and Better Lives

- Blog Julien Vayssière: Discover our 8 Design Thinking prototypes!

- Blog: Sunday night pictures

- Blog Inga Bereza: And the winner is...

- Blog David Clavey: Joint Winners!

- Blog Wim Snoep: Winning the InnoJam & becoming 3rd in DemoJam. Team Park-IT

- Blog Werner Wolf: Winnng the InnoJam & becoming 3rd in DemoJam - The Technical Side

- Blog Fons van Nuland: InnoJam and TechEd a great experience

- Blog Gitte Winther Bruhn: InnoJam – Techies only? Certainly not

- Blog Julien Vayssiere: Wrap-up TechEd Madrid InnoJam 2012

Video recordings of the event

- The Battle of Coding (SAP TV movie summarizing SAP InnoJam Madrid 2012 and InnoJam in general) - 3 min

- Final InnoJam presentations (8 teams) + audience feedback on the event + announcement of winners and closing words  

- Presentation of the 8 Design Thinking prototypes at the end of Day 1

- DemoJam presentation from InnoJam winner: team WeCare .

- DemoJam presentation by InnoJam winner: team Park-IT

- Full DemoJam session at TechEd featuring the two InnoJam winners: team WeCare and team Park-IT

- Interview Thomas Eckert (Design Thinking Coach) about DT experience at InnoJam

- The end-to-end developer lifecycle (Chris Turner)



November 11-12, 2012


Feria de Madrid
North Convention and Congress Center (NCC)
Av del Partenón
28042 Madrid


Better Cities - Better Lives


Click here

Official hashtag


Development Tools and Platforms

SAP Predictive Analysis
Sybase Unwired Platform
SAP Netweaver Gateway
SAP Netweaver Cloud
SAP Netweaver Cloud Portal
SAP Business By Design
SAP Business Objects BI Solutions
SAP Visual Intelligence
Windows 8 mobile development: more info about development tools and my first Windows 8 app .

How to get there

The InnoJam will take place on Nov 11-12 in the same conference center where TechEd will take place on Nov 13-16.

The conference center is known as Feria De Madrid or IFEMA .

Full address:

Feria de Madrid
North Convention and Congress Center (NCC)
Av del Partenón
28042 MadridFeria de Madrid

Within the conference center, InnoJam is situated on the first floor of of the North Convention and Congress Center (NCC) building. To access this building please use the North Entrace (labelled Puerta Norte in Spanish).

Please visit the site of Feria de Madrid for a map of the a map of the conference center and details about transportation to the venue .

The InnoJam will take place in room N104 ("Workshop room") and N103 ("Theater Room").


(technologies will be updated until the start of the event, timing for specific agenda items might change slightly)





Day 1 - Sunday, Nov 11th




Doors open


Sunday, November 11th,
9:30am - 10:00am

Please make sure you arrive at the InnoJam at 9:45am at the latest for a 10:00am sharp start!
Coffee, tea and soft drinks served from 9:30AM onwards.



10:00am - 10:10am


Opening Address


10:10 am - 10:25 am

Chris Turner, EVP SAP HANA Partner and Developer Ecosystems

Design Thinking overview and presentation of challenges


10:25am - 10:50am

What is Design Thinking?
Get to know your team
"Better Cities - Better Lives" challenges!!!



10:50am - 1:00pm

15 min "Get smart fast"
115 minutes user interviews, research, discover, explore, and capture

Lunch break


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunch buffet served with cold and hot dishes, desserts and beverages.

Storytelling, Synthesis, Ideation and Prototyping


2:00pm - 5:00pm

Discuss and analyze research results, understand and gain insights, create persona and point of view (POV), brainstorm, create mockups of prototype

Presentation of Design Thinking prototypes


5:00pm - 6:30pm

Each team will present their prototype (3 minutes) in front of a panel of technology experts (7 minutes Q&A and recommendations).

Presentation of technology experts then breakout into demo pods


6:30pm - 7:00pm

Technology experts are introduced. Experts will then hold informal breakout sessions to provide hands-on demonstrations of their technologies, answer questions and advice on which technology is best for a given prototype.

Dinner break- Demos and tech talk continues during dinner.


7:00pm - 8:00pm

Cold and hot dishes, dessert and beverages, including beer.

Code! Code! Code!


8:00pm - 11:59pm

You will collaborate with your team members to create the solution for your persona using any of the presented technologies.
Technology experts will be available onsite to assist your teams.
Snacks and beverages will be served throughout the night. 

Day 2 - Monday, Nov 12th




Code! Code! Code!


00:00am - 3:00pm

Coding continues.
Start preparing your 6-minute demo!
Breakfast served at 7AM
Lunch served at 12PM

Innovation Fire


3:00pm - 4:45pm

You will present your solution within a 6-minute timeslot and receive direct feedback from the jury.

Microsoft Award and other awards


4:45pm - 5:00pm

While the members of the Jury sit together and decide about the winning teams, our partner Microsoft announces the winner of the Microsoft prize for best use of Windows 8 technology. 

And the winner is...


5:00pm - 5:15pm

Jury announces the winning team.



5:15pm - 6:00pm

Closing word. Official end of SAP TechEd InnoJam Madrid 2012. Closing cocktail with snacks and beverages.

More information

The following blog posts contain more information about the InnoJam:

Contact us

For more information, please email or @jvayssiere on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid!