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Links to Recordings of Business Case Public Meetings Pre-Event

Meeting One- September 16th

First Public Meetup September 16th - recording meeting, brief intro by Craig Cmehil(Office of CTO) and Clint Nelsen(Startup Weekend) and the launching of business cases by SAP CSR Director Steve Williams

Meeting Two- September 23rd

Second Public Meetup September 23 - deeper dive into the business cases with Steve Williams, suggestions by Dick Hirsch (Siemens) and John Harrickey (CSA) around fleshing out the wiki and focusing on more granular process definition.   

Recap of Business Cases beginning at minute 16:30 with Steve Williams

John Harrikey at minute 25 speaks of fleshing out wiki process - describing how he linked a business case to an implementable business process.

Jason Cao - at minute 30 suggests forming teams and beginning prep work

Michelle Crappo - at minute 35 posing questions and clarifying the planning.

Meeting Three - September 30th

Third Public Meetup September 30th - recording includes - brief overview of where we are in the business cases by Steve Williams, Craig speaking about the technologies available and the format, Dick Hirsch giving a look at Social Media Integration business case.

Meeting Four - October 7th

Fourth Public Meetup October 7th - organizing who will present business cases for TechEd in Berlin and Vegas - final meetup before Berlin Innovation Weekend on Sunday

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