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Suggested Roles for Innovation Week Participants



Name & Tech ED Venue


Subject matter experts, those with some experience in the scenarios of the business cases.  Responsible for defining initial business and process requirements for Business case.  This group will present an overall value statement for the chosen process.



Will develop a set of high-level criteria to assess business requirements.  These criteria will be used to aid in evaluating the initial models and executable for Innovation Weekend requirements gathered through virtual forums and at the Tech ED venues.  Judges will select most complete idea from inception to prototype


BPX and BPMN Lead(s)

A subset of participants, working collaboratively with SMEs to evolve the BPMN model in CE7.1.   A group on the critical path to develop the modeling actvities, sequence and I/O data mapping to match SME defined requirements.  Business rules and service logic will also be defined by this subteam.

UI Developer(s)

A subset ofparticipants with expertise in WD and/or VC UI. 

Service Developer(s)

A subset of particpants with expertise in ESR and/or CAF service modeling (or any other of the introduced technologies).  This subgroup will initially develop pass-thru service stubs based on service interface requirements of the business cases.  Service stubs will allow early consumption by BPMN modelers to assist with build/deployment/testing to finalize requirements.  Depending on time services will be extended to incorporate business logic.

Fred Verheul (Berlin)

Innovation Weekend Presenter(s)

This role has multiple repsonsibilities for developing any presentation materials, supporting the event and expert sessions.  Inputs from all other subgroups will be gathered to tell the story from inception to executable!!  Ideally this group will have representation from SME, Judge, BPX, UI and Service development to assist hands-on and in telling the story.


Note to Innovation week participants: please feel free to add roles or expand on the description/activities for each role.  Most importantly, place your name in the column opposite the role you will volunteer to play and specify which Tech ED event you will be attending.

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